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Hats’ popularity as both protective headpieces and fashion statements continues to grow. The reason for this is not only because they are fashionable, but also because people have begun to love the experience of wearing and owning a hat that matches their fashion sense and style.

What are the most popular men’s hats nowadays, and why are they still popular? Read on to find out.

Why Popular Men’s Hats Remains Relevant? 

The way hats reach in society affects how people acquire and own them. Historically, people wore headwear for various reasons, but most related to their jobs, social standing, and social etiquette.

Now, hats are as vital as clothing since they enhance one’s sense of style and individuality. Aside from that, the protection provided by these hats is second to none. Obtaining the proper hat to wear will help you avoid skin-related concerns.

Let’s take a look at the five most popular men’s hats on the market today, and why you should get them.

Bucket Hats

There’s no more need for going out to the lakes to rock a good bucket hat. This hat reached its peak back in the 90s, but that doesn’t stop the iconic celebrities and artists from affecting the media with their cool bucket hats Instagram posts and pictures. 

Artists like Justin and Hailey Bieber, Tyler the Creator, Seth Rogen, Kim Namjoon from BTS, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Dua Lipa. As a result, more bucket hat enthusiasts couldn’t wait to get their hands on the recent fashion accessory suitable for everyone.

The structure of this hat is unique to its own. Bucket hats give more leeway on how it is worn because of their flat-crown and wide downward brim. You can pull it straight in your head, and you won’t feel bad by doing so. It’s seen as an advantage because it can become unsightly if you do that to different kinds of hats (a fedora, for example). 

The good thing about bucket hats is that it comes with just any colors and materials that you can select to fit with your getup. Some denim bucket hats are fashionable with a pair of chukka boots and jeans. Others prefer to enjoy fur or wool bucket hats that are eye-catching and elegant, especially during winter

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Baseball Caps

The standard and ever so popular baseball hat had never become irrelevant. As strong as bucket hats come, baseball hats enthusiasts continue to sport this everlasting casual streetwear accessory. 

There are several ways of wearing a baseball cap, and it is not only limited to the ones who play in the baseball league. If you’re looking for the ones with adjustable straps, you should opt for the snapback. You can also choose to get a fitted hat if you’re not a fan of the straps.   

With adjustable straps and a five-panel structure, it is efficient in providing comfort and protection against weather-related dilemmas. 

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Cadet Caps

Cadet caps are the next one of the most popular hats. Since baseball caps became domineering streetwear, cadet hats offer a solid choice. It’s a solution that most people start recognizing when you need anything to reset your taste in headgear.

The cadet caps match the wearer’s profession with their headwear, like baseball caps. Sure, cadets experienced wearing cadet hats first in the military, but then it started to show on the fashion runway. As a result, the cap became a part of casual wear accessories for men and women.

It is easy to identify a cadet cap because it also has the same structure as the baseball cap. Only the prior has more of a rounded visor and flat crown. 

The flexible and comfortable hat is preferably worn in casual summer style, as it is lightweight and easy to pair with casual clothing. 

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Fedora Hats

Fedora hats reign a long time ago with the popular men’s hats title. The headpiece extends its style into a much more accessible manner. It is considered a timeless classic, dating back to when Victorien Sardou’s play started the fedora history

But what makes a fedora stand out is that there are many variations you can choose from. The styles can differ from the brim, width, crown height, and even the bands wrapped around it. 

One of the most trusted brands for fedora hats is the ones coming from Bruno Capelo. The hat company offers an excellent selection of fedora hats with different styles, colors, and materials that you can choose from. 

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Boater or Straw Hats

The straw hats are a symbolic style for men every summer. What makes it popular is because of its weaved property. The precise and handmade hats made out of straw maximize each user’s comfort while still looking scorching hot as ever. 

Straw hats are an excellent choice for the summer season because they can withstand extreme heat. While you’re doing outdoor activities, you wouldn’t have to worry about the exposure of your head to the elements found in the sun and the harshest UV rays. 

Dobbs offers an extensive selection of straw hats that you can try on. Whether you’re looking for a perfect fit straw fedora or any straw cap, Dobbs undoubtedly produces high-grade products that meet your summer headwear needs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the different styles of hats for men?

The list of men’s hat styles can go a very long way. But to name a few, there are the fedoras, trilbies, beanies, bucket hats, pork pie hats, baseball hats, Panama hats, bowler hats, and even trapper hats.

When did bucket hats become popular?

Bucket hats reached their peak in the nineties, particularly in the rap and hip hop music scene. However, it was revitalized at first sight in the fashion runways starting in the fall of 2019. 

Why are fedoras so famous?

Fedora hats are the classic staple in men’s wear, and they gained their popularity because of their style and practical fashion. The fedora hats are flexible in mixing and matching your clothing style, from casual attire to casual business ones.

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