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When men get the sense that dressing is one way of representing their status, many variations of hats have emerged over time. They have been around for numerous years, like fedoras, and the different kinds of baseball caps, like fitted hats and snapbacks, but they are still in touch with the current trend in casual clothing. 

But what is a fitted hat? Are they closely related to snapbacks? How do they differ from one another? 

Let’s take a close look at the two types of baseball hats and determine the best option for you before you buy your hat online

What Is a Fitted Hat?

For beginners who don’t know what a fitted hat is and how it varies from snapbacks, you can identify fitted hats by its alternate name called “dad hats.” 

Dad hats have an actual size of the hat that is matching the exact shape of your head. This hat is not as flexible as snapbacks, where you can adjust the snaps, so you must check your head shape with your hat. 

What Is a Fitted Hat Known For?

The fitted hat is known for its ability to look clean at the back of your head. Musicians like Chris Brown and Justin Bieber played a significant role in bringing back these hats to the trend since it dates back to the 90s. 

Most snapbacks get loose after many uses, and they won’t hold on to the back of your head as much as they were before, but with a fitted hat, you don’t have to waste a lot of energy thinking about it at all. 

Besides, they are flexible with any shirt or clothing style that you want to obtain. You can wear it with a casual raglan shirt or polo shirt and jeans like snapbacks. 

Why Should You Get a Fitted Cap?

The baseball caps are great for shielding yourself from the sun, and they live up to their name as most baseball players still wear one during their game. But that doesn’t mean that the hat is only limited to baseball players. So why should you choose a fitted baseball cap

They Fit Your Head Just Right

As stated above, the fitted caps are just suitable for your head. While you can also choose a snapback or a strap-back hat, a fitted hat covers all of your head, and you don’t have to worry about it being uncomfortable and itchy as you wear it. 

Fitted Hats Are Also Suitable for Any Season

Whether you’re planning to enjoy the summer getting your sweat running down your body by playing sports with your friends in the outdoors or go for a night drive on a lookout point, fitted caps can protect your head from the heat of the sunlight and reduce the chills on your head when it is cold. 

They Won’t Mess With Your Hairstyle

We both know that you are taking hours to get the perfect hairstyle. It’s not easy to have it the way you want to do them, and having a fitted hat can do wonders for you. 

Because it fits your head just right, you will have a relaxing day without adjusting the hat because the hat messed up your hairstyle. The wind can’t break your hairstyle by wearing a fitted hat, so it is a great deal when you choose a fitted cap. 

But even though fitted hats can do wonders for you, you can still get your options open for snapbacks too. 

Now that we know what a fitted hat is and what it can do for you, snapbacks are like the little brother that can bring you comfort but hey. Choosing the hat is each to their preference.

What Is a Snapback?

Snapback is just as the name suggests. It has a snap at the back that can make you adjust the hat to the shape of your head, which the fitted ones cannot offer. 

The snapbacks are popular with hip hop rappers and skaters because simply these hats are often seen as a streetwear hat that is best to match with anything. 

Unlike fitted caps, snapbacks have a stiffer front panel, allowing the makers to have an elaborate design. Moreover, the brim has a 90-degree angle of the front panel to make them visible. 

How To Style Clothes for Snapback and Fitted Caps?

These hats are flexible when it comes to clothing. All you have to do is to wear them with confidence and in the right clothes. 

Everyday Wear

Fitted caps are also great for your everyday wear, so pairing shirts are a great combination with sneakers and snapbacks. Aside from that, you can also wear it on semi-formal occasions with dressy clothes like button-downs and denim. 

Leather or Bomber Jackets

In styling your snapback or fitted caps, you can choose to wear a bomber jacket or leather jacket and ripped denim to achieve a stylish look. 

Minimalist Styling 

You can opt for a cleaner and monochromatic look with a fitted cap in a black or white hat, black denim, and a plain shirt. 


In hoodies, some may attempt to wear the hoodie on top of the fitted hat, but hoodies can also give out a comfortable look that you can pull off, like how Justin Bieber does it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What makes a fitted cap stand out? 

In this article, we talked about what is a fitted hat, and you may find that the rappers and musicians like this cap because they are comfortable, and it does not require much energy in trying to make it work with your choice of clothing. 

Is snapback worth the price? 

Yes, especially if you are looking for a hat that you can easily adjust at the back of your head, snapback is an excellent choice for you. But you can also consider buying a fitted cap to compare the experience you have with both types and see what you like best. 

What type of dress code do I need to match snapbacks and fitted caps? 

There is not much of a dress code for the snapbacks and fitted caps unless you wear it as a uniform. Unlike fedoras and other dressy hats, they are suitable for everyday wear or minimal styling, depending on your clothing preference. 

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