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From the urban hip-hop scene to the streetwear culture, baseball caps have become a staple fashion piece of recent times. The baseball cap made its debut during the 1800s to shield players’ eyes from the sun. 

Basic Baseball Hat Etiquette

More than a hundred years later, though, it has exited the sports arenas and stadiums and made its way to the wardrobes of the modern man. Now, the baseball cap is even making more appearances in everyday scenarios, from a simple grocery run to park walks.

At the turn of the 20th century, men have been embracing the casual wearing of hats. They wear whatever they like, whenever they like, however they want. But once upon a time, etiquette and formality used to be a crucial part of hat-wearing. Those directives were implemented as a way of showing respect and politeness. 

Well, it’s high time to bring back those rules now. 

Any gentleman who wears baseball caps must be aware and follow these basic etiquettes for wearing hats. 

Hats Off

Over the millennium, men have always removed their hats as a sign of respect. The uncovering of the head is an act of deference to the people around him. It was done to bear himself completely and equally to everyone else in the room – without any obstruction to his appearance.

Although these are just historical footnotes now, these basic tenets of being a gentleman are still relevant. In fact, they are even crucial now more than ever. 

You should take off your baseball cap when you enter a private establishment. Leave it off until you exit the establishment.

There is absolutely no reason to keep your baseball cap on. Not in offices, in classrooms, in someone’s home, at church, at a birthday party, at a funeral, in a restaurant, in a cinema, in a museum, in a hospital, in a library, in a theatre, so on and so forth. You shouldn’t keep them on, even if you’re having a bad hair day or you desperately need to look taller than you originally are.

Also, even if you’re in an area where hats are allowed, you must take them off when you are in the presence of a woman. Yes, it’s old school, but manners never go out of style.

Aside from location, take your baseball cap off depending on the situation, especially if there’s an interaction going on, such as meals, concerts, weddings, lectures, speeches, or when you’re being introduced to someone. 

Keep it Clean

Nothing says to respect other than wearing something clean. But if you love wearing your baseball cap, there’s a good chance that it’s already filthy and sweat-stained. 

Most people resort to simple dishwashing to clean it off, but this isn’t recommended because it shortens the baseball cap’s lifespan. The caps usually come out deformed, partially cleaned, and even a bit discolored.

When cleaning baseball caps, remember to be gentle with your methods.

  • For dust. Brush the dust away by hand. If this doesn’t work, wipe with a damp or cold towel in small and gentle motions. It’s also wise to practice brushing baseball caps regularly to keep them clean at all times.
  • For dirt. Clean the area with a horsehair brush or toothbrush. Ensure that the bristles are light and gentle so that they won’t leave abrasions on your cap. Slowly brush it away in circular motions. 
  • For smudges and stains. Start by rubbing the stained portion with a wet cloth. If the mark or streak is stubborn, make use of sponges or rubbers to clean it away. You can also spray some light soap and brush it off, but make sure that it’s not bleach and that it’s color-safe. Afterward, rinse it thoroughly with cold water.

 Wear it Properly

As written earlier, baseball caps were originally created to keep the sun out of our eyes. This can only be done if the bill is facing forward.

Recently, however, baseball caps are worn at almost every angle possible. It spins around the heads of men in various wild and reckless positioning.

What are you trying to achieve, then, by tilting your baseball cap in 45°, 90°, and so on? That your head shape is versatile? That you like Geometry? That you’re imitating either Justin Bieber or the Fresh Prince?

It doesn’t matter if the fad is all about abandoning the cap’s functionality. Etiquette dictates that you must point your hat in the direction where you are going. Otherwise, you will make yourself seem edgy as if you’re trying too hard to look cool. 

Unless, of course, if you have a skewed and off-center figure, then you may crook your hat away. 

Know the Team

Imagine wearing a Red Sox hat, and a guy asked you, “Who’s your favorite player?” And you can say nothing in response—just a blank, awkward expression. You don’t want that to happen to you. You just diminished an entire sports team into a fashion item.

Not only are you making a complete fool of yourself, but you are also disrespecting their loyal fans. It’s a simple courtesy to the team that has faithfully defended their brand for years.

No, you don’t have to be their ultimate fan, but you should at least like and support the team. So make sure to wear a baseball cap because you truly like that baseball team. It is one thing to jump on the bandwagon, and it is quite another to pick a hat just to look good.

Even though we’ve listed the basic rules on how to wear a baseball cap, the truth is it’s still up to you how you will wear it. We live in a much more lenient world than decades ago, and just as the style has relaxed over the years, so have the rules around proper cap-wearing etiquette. 

Still, baseball cap etiquette is necessary if you want to certify your role as a respectful man. It doesn’t have anything to do with your social status, economic position, or profession. It’s just basic manners and respect, nothing more.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are baseball caps still famous?

The baseball cap made its debut during the 1800s merely to shield players’ eyes from the sun. More than a hundred years later, though, it has exited the sports arenas and stadiums and made its way to the wardrobes of the modern man. Now, the baseball cap is even making more appearances in everyday scenarios, from a simple grocery run to park walks.

How do I choose which baseball cap to wear?

As in any fashion article, baseball caps vary on every occasion. But before buying, you should keep in mind that a baseball cap needs to be well-crafted and solid as these are often used for usual wear, so opt for ones that aren’t fragile. Also, look for a cap that fits your head like a glove fits the hand. It must not be too tight, with a little space to spare for breathability.

Where can I buy quality baseball caps?

Dapperfam.com offers baseball caps that are made of high quality, wear-resistant materials. They only work with reliable and renowned headwear brands that will certainly cater to their customers’ needs.

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