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Movies have played an integral role in affecting the social culture and the portrayal of society. While it was fun to watch and keep track of the plot, the artists in the past were wearing classic hats to complement their outfits and the character they portray. 

But can you still keep track of all the famous movie hats throughout pop culture? Let’s see if your knowledge of movies and hats checks out with our list. 

What is the connection between hats and movies? 

One notable feature of these characters is the unique clothes that producers and directors gave to them. Whether they have short or long hair, they can still reel the viewers’ interest. Their legacy left a mark on their roles, like Willy Wonka, who always wears a top hat. The hat is still present for Johny Depp’s movie adaptation costume. 

Movie Characters Who Wore Fedora Hats 

Fedora hats have a distinguished styling, whether celebrities were wearing them or just a societal influence of making people wear them. 

It first emerged in a play written by Victorien Sardou. By the year 1889, they introduced the play to the United States. It gained popularity among women because of Princess Fedora’s influence

When you consider how significant the clothes were in the play, you’ll understand how well it was brought to life by the actor. Fedoras are a type of hat that has been and will continue to trend. Most likely, the cap is popular because when it becomes out of date, someone refashions it like Indy’s fedora.

Played by Harrison Ford, the archaeologist Indiana Jones was often seen wearing the famous fedora. The character paired the hat with his rugged jacket and a shirt and pants and held it up with a belt and western boots to give you all the bad-ass appearance. 

Of course, it takes confidence to pull off the fedora as successful as Indy, right? But that’s not the only time fedora has appeared in movies. 

Dating a while back earlier than Indiana Jones was the appearance of Humphrey Bogart’s character on Casablanca. Humphrey, aka Rick, was a saloon owner, and through the black and white film, you can see him sporting his trench coat and fedora. 

Rick’s look remains a classic mysterious guy image, but that’s not the only film where the hat appeared in the movies. 

If you are one of the horror movie buffs, you probably know Freddie, right? Freddie Kreuger will haunt you in your dreams, but his hat remains an iconic distinction of his character. 

The list of characters who wear fedoras still goes on. But let’s also see other famous movie hats, like pork pie hats. Who do you think pulled it off? 

The Pork Pie Hats

Perhaps the name rings a bell. That is because it is often associated with the pork pie in England. It is closely related to fedora hats as they are cousins. 

Gene Hackman’s character in The French Connection wears the pork pie hat tilted on the side. His character plays a detective, but the next character we’ll mention is a drug kingpin named Walter White. 

Walter White was a chemistry teacher, but he turned to be a drug manufacturer in the modern-day series called Breaking Bad. Walter sports the pork pie hat fitting proportionally in his head. 

Now that we speak of the modern-day series, you probably know about the newsboy caps in Peaky Blinders. 

Newsboy Cap

The newsboy caps in Peaky Blinders surely catch the attention of anyone who watches the series. Though the series is dating just recently, the feels will transfer you back to the roaring twenties. 

In addition, in the film, The Great Gatsby, Tobey Maguire (portraying Nick Carraway) wore a straw hat as a part of their apparel in the 1920s. 

Cowboy Hats

Cowboy Hats have a broad portrayal in the movies and films. It represents the wild west characters, and their style has never been out of touch. 

You can see the sheriff John T. Chance looking dapper in his big ole cowboy hat in Rio Bravo. But another classic character who wears the cowboy hat is John Wayne in his movie Red River.

In 2006, an adaptation of the Brokeback Mountain movie happened. Two of the famous actors now took up the role, namely Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. The story revolves around the lives of two cowboys who are both in love with each other. Still, they end up meeting in the Brokeback mountain to continue their love affair because they end up marrying other women. 

Bowler Hats 

Bowler hats are classic go-to’s for both men and women in films. The comedian Charlie Chaplin left a trademark with his classic bowler character and impressive mustache and black and white film. His look is terrific and funny at the same time. 

Honorable characters in Film with Hats

As mentioned before, Willy Wonka wears a top hat. Sherlock Holmes sports a double flapped deer-stalker cap. 

Women in Movies with Hats

While there are uncountable famous movie hats in films, women also created an iconic look. To name a few women artists, they are: 

  • Audrey Hepburn’s straw hat in Funny Face
  • Faye Dunaway’s beret in Bonnie and Clyde 
  • Grace Kelly’s sun hat in To Catch a Twist 
  • Anne Hathaway’s tweed cap in Devil Wears a Prada
  • Julia Roberts’s Straw hat in Pretty Woman 

Overall, we know that these hats have a massive impact on society’s fashion choices. They become famous movie hats because of the lives they portray and how amazing it looks on them. What was your favorite hat of all on the list? 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is it still relevant to wear a pork pie hat today? 

Of course, the pork pie hat is still good with any casual look you’re trying to pull. As long as you are comfortable and fit just right, nothing could go wrong with that. 

What’s the best time of the year to copy a character’s look? 

You can choose to do it at costume parties or on Halloween. Of course, you will have to plan how to make the look work for you. Build your confidence, and it will go great on you. 

If I buy a Hat, will I be able to wear it aside from the parties? 

Yes, but it usually depends on the season. For instance, you try to pull off Nick Carraway’s character with your straw boater hat. You can still wear it in summer to cover your head from the summer heat and elements. 

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