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how to wear baseball caps

Baseball caps are a timeless sportswear staple. It is a part of our cultural identity. This sports piece was originally worn in baseball fields, but it is now a fashion statement that can be worn in different places and occasions. You don’t need to be a baseball player or fan to be able to wear this hat. Even basketball and tennis players wear this hat. It suits every person from different walks of life.

In this article, we’re giving you the full guide on how to wear this stylish cap and avoid being caught by the fashion police.

Without further due, here is a style guide for men on how to wear a baseball cap:

The Rule of Thumb

Before cutting to the chase, it’s vital to know the basics first or the general tips on how to wear baseball caps.

When choosing a baseball cap, make sure it fits your head. The hat should snug in your head so that it will not fall off. However, don’t wear a cap that is too tight, either. This can give you a headache or indentations in your head. You wouldn’t want that, do you? If you own a snapback, adjust the strap. 

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And most importantly, never ever wear it sideways! That trick only works on toddlers. Don’t wear it backward, either. Instead, wear it by facing front, but make sure it’s not cutting off your circulation. It won’t elevate your look at all. 

Oh, and don’t forget to take the sticker off the brim before donning your baseball cap. 

Less is more

There is no better way to pull off a baseball cap than going minimal or low maintenance. Consider stylish Scandinavian men as a peg or inspiration for this look; they always opt for simplicity over showiness. So if you want a cap that is practical but versatile, go for a plain hat.

A shirt and jeans combination is always a classic. It looks clean and pleasant to the eyes. If you want to add a touch of luxury or elegance to your cap, you can try different tactile fabrics such as wool, corduroy, and suede. 

If you want to pair it with other classic closet staples, slim-fit chinos and lightweight jackets are a great choice.  

Ready for Summer

Baseball caps are also considered a summer essential. This accurately explains why it is usually seen during beer sessions, picnics, and beach parties. Wearing the right outfit can add some personality, instead of seeing it only as a tool to protect your eyes from the sun. You can achieve this by simply wearing a shirt and standard shorts. A dad hat outfit is another choice to wear during this season to protect from the summer heat. If you sweat a lot or plan to spend outdoors during this season, you can wear a cap in breathable fabric such as cotton.

Another tip to wearing a baseball cap is to pair your outfit together by choosing two pieces of clothing in the same color. It can be your shirt and your pair of shoes.

Street Style

High fashion and streetwear are still very relevant in the scene. But first, go for a more subtle look before going all-out. It’s always a great strategy to play it safe first. Once you finally tried all the basics, you can now pair your baseball cap with something unexpected. 

Street style stars are adventurous and bold when it comes to hat choices — from pantsuits to dresses to overalls to everything in between. Wearing a snapback is an opportunity to break the rules. Unexpected styling is what pulls off an outfit.

Another thing you should experiment with and explore is the fabrics. Pick one cap in neon color, in leather, in studded, in a neutral color, try everything! Don’t just stick to one type of hat. A flat bill is also an excellent choice of hat, you can try different styles by simply bending it.

Athlete and Leisure

Thanks to its perfect blend of function, comfort, and style, athleisure is here to stay no matter how much we loathe the name. This fashion trend is now a pillar of contemporary dressing. This outfit offers a modern gentleman vibe while being put-together and comfortable.

Mix smart and casual pieces to avoid looking like you’re heading to or from the gym. Some examples are fitted sweatshirts and hoodies, streamlined track pants, cashmere, Oxford button-down shirts, varsity jackets, and knitted polos. 

Opt for a traditional baseball design to balance a smarter getup. Another option is a smart cap. To achieve the overall modern and sleek look, dark neutrals are always the best choice.

Lastly, but definitely not the least, wear it with confidence! This is underrated but useful advice when it comes to wearing hats or fashion in general. But it’s true, as cheesy and cliche as it sounds, wear your hat proudly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do baseball caps suit everyone?

Anyone can wear a baseball cap and it would suit them just fine. Baseball caps may be popular with Major League Baseball, but you don’t really have to play or be a fan of a particular sports team to rock the look.

How do I keep my baseball cap from falling off?

To keep your baseball cap from slipping off, make sure to put the front of the inner band against your forehead. And then, pull it down over your head from front to rear. The top mop then weighs against the front headband and actually keeps your baseball cap down

Is it okay to wear a baseball cap indoors?

Based on some etiquette experts, removing your hats, including your baseball cap, indoors is a sign of respect. In other words, wearing a hat indoors at the wrong time (e.g., in a fine dining restaurant where you are supposed to dress in a more formal way) is not okay and is considered rude.

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