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Exotic animal skin leather shoes can forward your best high-fashion style. Crafted from premium animal skins such as stingray, crocodile, alligator, ostrich, and snakeskin, they elevate your style without compromising quality and comfort.

why every man should own exotic skin shoes

Why Men Should Own Exotic Animal Skin Leather Shoes

Add to that, almost every exotic animal skin shoes are custom-made and specialized. Intricacy and attention can be seen to the most minute detail. Indentations, lines, and scales were cast out by nature, not an assembly line.

Conversely, cheap, mass-produced, synthetic shoes only last for some years and are more susceptible to quality degradation.

When you factor in the many function and features that exotic animal skin shoes will give to you, they become all the more valuable to behold.

But buying a pair of exotic leather shoes isn’t something that happens overnight. Purchases like these aren’t split-second decisions (unless, of course, you’ve got a lot of cash on hand).

So careful deliberation for every exotic animal skin leather shoe is required.

In the end, it’s all about balance.

Yes, the price is usually higher, but that’s just because there are just too many benefits of exotic animal skin leather shoes.

Here, we’ve listed down five reasons why exotic animal skin leather shoes should be an addition to your wardrobe.

1. They Have Great Quality

Beyond aesthetics, there is one fundamental thing that every shoe must do: keep your foot protected well.

Exotic animal skin shoes will give you the highest quality of service, which will surely last for a long time – often for decades or even more. Its top-tier level of craftsmanship, as well as material extraction, ensures that these shoes will be worth the amount of money you’ll be spending.

Unlike low-priced shoes produced by unskilled laborers who are not concerned with “quality control,” exotic animal skin leather shoes are crafted by skilled artisans and shoemakers.

Let’s not forget the unparalleled quality of exotic animal skin leather compared to faux and synthetic ones.

Exotic animal skin leather is one of the most highly durable and flexible materials for footwear. It is heavy-duty, resistant, and an ideal choice for walking both outdoors and indoors. It also offers waterproof features, which preserve it for even more time.

Human-made leather may have a similar feel but, in reality, will not stand the test of time as exotic animal skin leather will. 

Alligator skin is prevalent and known for being the best raw material for leather footwear. From golf shoes, casual loafers and sandals, to full-on cowboy boots, alligator skin footwear are guaranteed to gather admiring glances.

With proper and intensive care, alligator skin leather shoes should remain functional for a lifetime.

2. They are Comfortable

Along with being naturally durable and robust, exotic animal skin shoes are also very comfortable to wear.

Exotic animal skin leather is made from natural material; thus, it acts in that way. It is breathable, flexible, and quite pliable. It usually fits your shoe shape after several uses. It also contains a balanced arch that supports your body’s point where your weight is concentrated.

Meanwhile, faux-leather, usually comprised of chemicals and plastic materials, tends to be too rigid. Because it is synthetic, their leathers are already stretched at the very moment of purchase, leaving no space for your shoes to adapt to your size.

One of the most significant advantages of the animal exotic skin leather, with regards to comfort, is that it will soften over time and maximize your relief while wearing, whereas plastic-based human-made leather will not.

3. They Look Good

As far as functionality and form go, let’s be honest: looks are of utmost importance.

You don’t wear these exotic animal skin shoes to blend in with the crowd; you wear them to show off your style and to set yourself apart from the regulars.

Expensive and well-crafted shoes look precisely that – expensive and well-crafted. They look polished and elegant and are a subtle display of wealth in a not self-aggrandizing manner but bold enough.

No matter how hard synthetic leather tries to imitate the quality of real leather, it is still blatantly distinguishable from the natural one. Exotic animal skin features unique, natural patterns that are one-of-a-kind, while faux leather’s designs are repetitive.

These types of luxury shoes are a lubricant in social spaces since it’s easily recognized by people who appreciate details and luxury. 

Most especially when paired with other high-end clothing choices – such as well-fitted suits, tuxedos, or black-tie attires – they will leave a statement.

Still, these shoes are versatile enough to elevate your look no matter what else you’re wearing, even if you’re wearing a $10 tank top and khaki shorts.

4. They are a Good Investment

When you buy an exotic animal skin shoe, you are making an investment. Not only are you purchasing something that will keep your feet protected, but you’re also buying something that will maintain a portion of its original value as a resale item.

Although exotic animal skin shoes are indeed investments in the sense that they usually last their owners for many years with the same quality, they are also invested because of the materials that comprise them, which retain their value over time.

Especially in an era where the manufacturing of exotic animal skin is being substituted by synthetic, mass-produced ones, the value of real leather is even more preserved.

Less expensive shoes, like those made of synthetic fiber and plastic polymer, almost always degrade their original value in the resale market over time. On the other hand, natural leather shoes require specialized craftsmanship to put together and costly storage and transport, hence its value.

The other factor in this timepiece’s long-term investment value is its luxury brand name, making it all the more appealing to shoe aficionados.

Brands like Belvedere, Lombardy, and Los Altos will guarantee your hundreds of dollars with their impeccable quality and design.

Sure, it might hurt letting go of money to buy these shoes, but remember that its price rarely fluctuates! If needed, you can resell your shoes at a similar retail price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are exotic animal skin leather shoes worth their price?

When you factor in the many function and features that exotic animal skin shoes will give to you, they become all the more valuable to behold.Sure, the price is usually higher, but that’s just because there are just too many benefits of exotic animal skin leather shoes. Also, remember that its price rarely fluctuates! If needed, you can resell your shoes at a similar retail price. 

Are exotic animal skin leather ethical?

The truth is, exotic animal skin leathers are a much ethical choice than faux leathers, for these primarily resort to petrochemicals and plastics that are harmful to the ecology. These imitation industries are also the source for mass-produced, exploited work. Sustainable use of natural resources is possible through conservation; for wildlife to survive, companies must be empowered to conserve it.

Where can I buy exotic animal skin leather shoes?

Dapperfam.com has curated a wide variety of selections for exotic animal skin leather shoes. Without a doubt, it will avail you of the highest quality of shoes, at the best and lowest price.

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