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Dobbs Hats have been around for decades at 417 Fifth Avenue, New York. This hat company is legendary for its classic shapes, unique styles, impeccable quality, and attention to every detail, which is why they still exist and represent the finest superior quality men’s classic felt and straw dress hats today. 

Read further to learn everything you need to know about Dobbs Hat.

Why Choose Dobbs Hat?

Dobbs Hats are made from Italian and Ecuadorian weaves that help keep the hat warm and comfortable. At the same time, it is made of wool and fur that will also protect your head from the cold. 

Which Style of Dobbs Hat Should You Consider?

There are numerous styles in which Dobbs hat has been made available. They can cater to everyone’s preference and face shape. When trying to improve your fashion sense, these are style rules that you must figure out as some types of clothing and apparel look better on some than others. Below is a list of hats that you can consider.


The advantage of the fedora hat is its fur/wool blend material that is soft and malleable. It can maintain its shape and is perfect for the cold weather. It has a soft hand finish and a comfortable cloth sweatband for fit. To add more style, it often goes with full satin lining and a leather sweatband.

 For use in the spring or summer seasons, it is recommended to get a lightweight fedora. The fedora is perfect if you have a round or heart face shape. 


The Porkpie has the balance of both looking luxurious while also feeling comfortable. Its lightweight material is an advantage and its snap brim can be worn upwards or downwards with its interior leather sweatband. This hat may fit well for those with oval and diamond face shapes. 


This is a style that started to get popular in the golden age of Hollywood. This is because we would see this hat in a lot of movies, most notably: “The Godfather.” Many fans were enamored with this design as it can go with almost any outfit on any occasion. 

It’s probably one of the more versatile hats out there as it can cater to almost all face shapes such as long, round, square, etc. 

Dobbs Caps

If you are more into caps instead of hats, then there are other styles that Dobbs offers. These include the ivy cap, pub cap, and newsboy styles. They use the same material that is in Dobbs hats, and the only difference is they are in cap form for those who prefer their headgear that way. A Dobbs cap is beneficial for those with a heart-shaped face. 

Why Should You Wear Hats?

Many assume that hats look too formal and should only be worn on certain occasions or cold weather conditions. This assumption is wrong as hats are made from the finest material, making them suitable for the summer and winter seasons. Its style and texture also make them versatile to wear with any outfit. 

There are many reasons to wear Dobbs hats. Here are they:

  • Timelessness. The main reason why you should have hats in your repertoire is that it is timeless. Back in the day, these were worn as a requirement and not as a fashion statement. Hats pride themselves on being unique while maintaining their classical status. 
  • Protection. Hats aren’t just for style. A lot of people wear them merely out of protection from the sun or the cold. In tropical weather, it will protect you from the sun’s damaging rays; it will also keep you cooler. Hats will keep your head covered as the sun can directly blast you. This can have long term effects such as hair loss, wrinkles, and many more. On the other hand, this can also protect you from the cold as it is a double-edged sword. For those living in harsh weather conditions, a hat is almost a must to adapt. Even though you only have about 5-10% body heat in your head, this is still crucial as it covers sensitive areas like your ears that can protect you from frostbite. 
  • Visibility. Hats keep the glare out of your eyes, which can prevent eye strains and other distractions. A hat with a front brim will help you stay focused on what it is you’re doing rather than constantly squinting. 
  • Regulates Your Body Temperature. By shielding your head, face, and neck: it will be harder for sun rays and winter chill to have direct access to your skin. This will keep your body at a normal temperature that is ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is a Dobbs hat?

Dobbs hat (previously known as the Hat Corp.) is known for manufacturing high-quality men’s felt and straw dress hats.

What are Dobbs hats made of?

Dobbs Hats are made from Italian and Ecuadorian weaves that help keep the hat warm and comfortable, and wool and fur that will also protect your head from the cold. 

Why should you wear a hat?

Hats aren’t just for style. They can also protect your head from the heat of the sun as well as the cold weather.

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