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The season of giving and receiving gifts is here again, and we don’t want you to miss out on the season of serving great looks with men’s dress hats! While winter can be cold and shower us with a monotonous white hue, this doesn’t mean you want to stay out of style and risk frostbite.

Whether you’re looking for the best winter hats to sport when going out, or you’re in need of something warm to spice up your wardrobe selection before 2021 ends; here are the top 5 winter hats that keep you warm and ready this winter.

1. Bucket Hats

Looking at the current hat trend of 2021, bucket hats are topping the list. You can see it from your Instagram feed, your favorite YouTube content creator, and your community. 

Since they are everywhere, bucket hats are the ones that you should look forward to having. However, can they keep you warm this winter? The answer is a resounding yes.

Because they are made of wool or fur, these hats can be worn in the winter. These materials have a reputation for being thick enough to shield you from the snow while also protecting your ears.

Pair these bucket hats with your most cherished coats or blazers, and you’re geared up for a toasty winter outfit. 

DapperFam Picks:

DapperFam curates the best winter bucket hats made by Kangol. To help you make your bucket hat selection here’s our top picks: 

2. Newsboy Caps

Since winter is the season where you have to wrap yourself in long and sometimes monotonous black coats, you can safely invest your money in a new newsboy cap. 

Winter-appropriate newsboy caps are mens dress hats made out of wool and tweed.  These hats are already known as one of the must-haves in winter to give your head enough insulation and ensure your comfort during the wintertime.

Aside from their warm texture, newsboy caps give you a vintage style advantage. As the year progresses, it is clear that the trend is returning to the past, with newsboy caps providing men with a refined and warm advantage during the winter.

Must have newsboy caps from DapperFam:

3. Flat Caps

Newsboy caps aside, you can also look for a suitable flat cap to expand your winter wear collection. 

Men in their forties and fifties lean toward mens dress hats like flat caps because of their subtle elegance and practicality. Additionally, they are typically made of tweed, wool, fur, and cotton, allowing each user to properly layer up before venturing out into the middle of winter.

Short brim gives it a striking look, but it doesn’t hinder the wearer’s ability to see carefully. A strong fashion statement can keep the cold wind out of your ears by wearing one of these short-brimmed flat caps.

DapperFam’s Flat Cap picks:

4. Trapper hats

If you’re preparing for the great snowball brawl with your family or you’re planning to go out to the mountains and start skiing downhill, you can brave the weather with snug trapper hats that are accustomed to such events. 

The trapper hats are known for their winter-related history where this is much in demand with the countries with harsh winter temperatures. Also, these hats are often associated with the hunters or trappers that face the ruthless fall of snow.

Since winter happens every year, it’s better to stick with the one that has been proven to keep you warm and look good at the same time.

To keep the fun from getting ruined, choose a trapper hat made of a stylish and comfortable material like fur or leather, which are typically associated with cooler months.

Not only do poorly constructed ones diminish the value of your money, but they can also cause the exterior of the hat to become unkempt over time. So, if you’re in search of high-quality and trusted trapper hats, here are DapperFam’s top picks:

5. Beanies

Beanies take the final claim of the top 5 winter hats to keep you warm this winter. Beanies are often associated with different seasons, but like the bucket hat, it has become one of the comfort picks to go for a rather casual style. 

Since we didn’t get out much last year, we’re still on the lookout for ways to keep safe from the coronavirus and the freezing temperatures of winter seasons.

Some countries allow people to go out without their masks on, and some prefer to make them stay. Nonetheless, these beanies are utterly flexible in terms of keeping you warm from the chilly December season whether you keep your mask on or not. 

Beanies come in a variety of colors, materials, and textures. Crocheted patterns are the most common, but you can also use wool or acrylic to establish your own winter beanie style.

Must have beanies from DapperFam 

Choose to be Cozy and Stylish This Winter

Since December is the season where you can expect that it’s cold outside, you can always choose to be cozy and stylish with your chosen men’s dress hats this winter.  

A bucket hat or a classic newsboy cap will look great on any man, regardless of his or her personal style. In addition to keeping you warm and comfortable in the winter, these hats can also be used for a variety of other purposes.

When you’re running out of ideas to give as a gift, you can always browse a good winter hat on our website. You can guarantee that the hats are made out of high-quality materials and your online shopping is safe. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

How do I keep my head warm in the winter?

Hats can help you keep your head warm in the winter, especially when the temperature drops at a constant rate. When the snow is raging and you need to go outside, hats are essentially keeping your head and ears from the possibility of getting frostbite.

Does wearing a hat in winter keep you warmer?

Yes, the hat essentially regulates the warmth in your head. If you have the hat on, your body maintains its temperature as long as it fits you and you’re fully covered.

What is the warmest material for a winter hat?

Wool and fur are always the warmest materials for a winter hat. These textures have been a reliable source of warmth for years as they keep your head from getting wet from snow.

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