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Winter season makes everyone prone to catch one’s death unless winter wear is ready. Winter wear includes jackets, long sleeves, scarves, gloves, and, of course, winter hats, which are often overlooked during the cold season. 

Winter hats are also an important element of your winter outfit because they do not only protect your head, face, and ears from the freezing temperature but can even step up your wardrobe. They can spice up your outfit-of-the-days. All you need to do is to choose the right style for you.

Read further to learn everything you need to know about winter hats for men to help you pick the best one for the winter season:

What are the Different Winter hat Styles for Men?

There are a wide variety of winter hat styles that you can choose from. It just depends on your mood or the occasion you’re going to. Here are the following:


The beanie is the most common winter hat style people wear to keep their heads warm during the cold season. Mostly made from merino wool, cashmere, or cotton, these hats are very stretchable, so you’ll never have to worry whether it will fit on your head or not. 

Beanies are also versatile, making them the perfect hat for every casual outfit you’re going with. 

Wool Felt Hats

If you think you can’t pull them off in the chilly weather, you’re wrong.

A wool felt hat is an excellent option for you, especially if you’re going to attend a formal occasion in the winter season. 

Fedoras and Homburgs are perfect choices during summer because they are fashionable and have the best hat features, but you can still wear them even when it’s freezing outside. Their wool-felt versions are a catch! You can rock these wide brim hats with warm fabric as well.

Trapper Hats

If you’re going to a place with freezing temperatures (below zero), trapper hats are the perfect winter headgear to wear. These functional hats have two ear flaps—which we might deem silly—but they can save you from freezing. 

Trapper hats are usually made out of mink, rabbit, or sheepskin, which is why it is warmer.

Flat Caps

Flat caps may be the most fashionable option out there for you. These are popular in the U.S. as it has a low profile and small brim. It can instantly make you seem classy just by wearing these. So, if you want a hat that can be functional and elegant at the same time, then this is probably what you’re looking for. 

Flat caps are usually made from wool; thus, it can guarantee you warmer protection in winter.

What are the Different Materials Used to Make Winter Hats?

There are four common types of materials used to make winter hats: Cashmere, fur, leather and wool:


Cashmere is made from cashmere goats typically found in China and Mongolia. It is the goats’ soft undercoat that boasts luxury as you wear it. This light and delicate material can provide no other when used to make a winter hat. It is also a good choice as it is durable and easy to wash.


Fur is the oldest material used in making clothing during the winter season. This is made from various animals’ skins. It has different kinds depending on how cold the weather you’re in. Moreover, fur is usually used in trapper hats, which are specifically designed for winter outdoor activities.


Leather is made out of tanning animals’ skins, resulting in durable and flexible material for a hat. Due to the tanning process, its thermal properties increase, making it suitable for creating a winter hat.


Wool is typically made out of the sheep’s skin. However, various kinds come from the hairs of different animals. It has properties that make it durable and thermal insulated. Thus, this will ensure a warmer feeling for your head.

What are the Different Winter Hat Brim Sizes?

There are many different hat brim sizes. Here are they:

Wide Brim

Wide brims are typically used in high temperatures. It’s great when it’s scorching, freezing, or very windy.

Large Brim

Large brim hats are usually 4 inches crown height in measure. Its brim can be curled, just in the back, and front turned down.

Medium Brim

Medium brim hats typically measure a crown height of 3 inches. It reaches up to the top of the brow.

Small Brim

Small brim hats are measured 2 inches of crown height.

Stingy Brim

Stingy hat brims are typically a very short brim with a measure of 1-2 inches.

Tips for Wearing Winter Hats

  • Consider your color choice in wearing hats because bright colors are associated with safety precautions, such as neon-colored hats. 
  • Remember the headgear effects of the style you’re choosing to wear. Accents that cover your ears are considered not formal.
  • Check the tone of the event or occasion you’re invited to. If it’s a formal event, crowned hats that are thin, stiff, and felt should be worn.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How should you pick a winter hat?

Wear hats with smaller brims to avoid making your face look smaller. For people with a rectangular face shape, you can wear a fedora with a wider brim. On the other hand, if you need a more formal looking winter hat, hats made with fur would be your best option, as they are often associated with elegance.

How should a man wear a beanie?

Men can wear beanies when they’re wearing a smart or casual outfit. It can also look good with a coat if you have a formal or business event outdoors to attend. However, you might want to be slightly careful about dressing too casual with a beanie. Also, wear it a bit back off your face instead of pulling it down over your ears. It is essential to select the best type of beanie that could work based on your hair.

How can I wear a hat without ruining my hair?

Wear hats that aren’t too tight on your head. Also, do not put your hat on when your hair is still damp or wet. This is because it will totally mess up your hair. Hence, make sure your hair is completely dried before wearing a hat.

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