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When you love to wear your go-to hat, it certainly will get dirty over time. Sweat, body oils, and bags of dust commonly accumulate to stain your headgear. With grime, however, your favorite hat will not be easy to keep in a tip-top shape.

If soaking your hat in water and scrubbing it with some mild soap by hand no longer works, it’s time to level up your washing technique. We’re talking about the good old washing machine.

Although most people are worried about damaging their hats, using the washing machine is a sure way to keep your hats squeaky clean.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to clean different types of hats in the washing machine. 

Before Using the Washing Machine

Before you toss your hat into the machine, we listed down a few things you need to know before using one. 

Read the Care Label

First of all, search for the tag inside the hat and read the washing instructions. 

If it says that it can only be dry-cleaned, then stay away from the washing machine. 

But if the label indicates that it can be washed in the machine, you may proceed. 

Determine the Hat Type and Material

By now, you already know that your favorite hat is machine washable and is in due of some cleaning.  

The next step is finding out which material the hat is made of. These can be usually found in the care label as well.

Here is some crucial washing information you should know about the different types of hats:

Cotton Hats

This kind of hat is common, such as cotton twill baseball cap, beanie.  It’s a natural fiber material that is durable enough to withstand several washing cycles. 

Do take note that cotton can shrink a little when washed repeatedly, so do not overdo it. 

If you have a cotton baseball cap, check if it has a cardboard brim. If it has, do not toss the hat into the washing machine because it will break underwater. 

Most baseball caps now are made of plastic or acrylic so that they won’t be ruined inside the machine.

Canvas Hats

Like cotton, canvas material will not lose its shape when thrown into the washing machine. It is made of sturdier and thicker material. Hence, it won’t ever shrink even after several washing cycles. 

Wool Hats

These hats are not supposed to be washed in the machine, for they will lose shape and shrink underwater. 

Still, the best way to clean these is by taking them to the dry cleaners or spot-cleaning them. 

But if the dirt is serious and you really want to clean it, you can place the hat inside a pillowcase and wash it. You can also use a special wool cleaner to make sure it won’t break.

Straw Hats

These hats cannot be washed in the machine under any circumstance. It doesn’t matter if it seems resilient; it will get irreversibly damaged once you washed it in.

Hats made of Blended Cotton and Synthetic Fabrics

Hats made of cotton-polyester blends or synthetic materials like mesh and acrylic can endure being washed in the washing machine. These materials are tight-knit, and their colors won’t run.  

While Washing

Once you’ve figured out which material your hat is made of, it’s time to get your hands dirtied. Take note of these washing machine instructions:

Treat Stains with Remover Solution

Before putting it into the washing machine, pre-treat stains with a chemical solution to help loosen dirt and dust.

If your hat is made of resilient materials like cotton, synthetic blend, and canvas, you can simply spray the remover solution onto the hat. Afterward, let it sit for about thirty minutes and let it soak into the fabric.

Aside from the brim and seams, make sure to spray at the headband and the inside of the hat to take out sweat stains, and discreet grimes.

Put Loose Hats inside Pillow Bags or Mesh Bags

For delicate knit and wool hats like beanies, put the hat inside a mesh bag before tossing it in the washing machine. This will keep the shape and color of the hat despite the motions of the machine.

Seal the bag securely once the hat is inside with zippers or pull strings. You may fill the bag up to three hats, but make sure to allow some space so they can move around and get cleaned.

Washing instructions

Mix the hat with a load of dirty clothing that is similarly colored. Putting the hat by itself in the machine can get it matted up.

Do away with bleach and use mild detergent only. For the delicate types, use Woolite or specialized detergent.

Set the temperature to cool water to avoid discoloration. Allow it to wash for half an hour or so, with gentle cycles. 

After Washing

Once the cycle is finished, do not put it in the dryer matter what the material is. Simply let it airdry and rest so that its shape and color are retained. 

Lay the clean hat on a dry towel inside a well-ventilated area and away from direct sunlight. Do not wear it until it’s completely dried.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I use other methods for cleaning hats other than a washing machine?

If it’s not too dirty, the ideal method still is the handwashing technique. However, this may not totally eliminate all stains and dirt.

How do I keep my hats clean all the time?

It’s inevitable for hats to become dirty, especially when it’s your favorite one. To maintain its cleanliness, it’s best to buy high-quality hats that do not wear out easily.

Where can I find high-quality and affordable hats?

DapperFam sells high-quality and affordable hats that are in style. Plus, it assures you of a safe and quick transaction.

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