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how to wear a hat

Have you noticed that your wardrobe is missing something? Are you struggling with how to look good in hats and how to look for one that will suit your style? If that’s the case, we got you covered.

A hat is one of the most essential accessories that any lady or gentleman must own. It’s a staple. Every hat comes in all shapes, styles, and sizes, and it can be worn on different seasons, occasions, and outfits. It can also make a huge difference or a bold statement, no matter what outfit you’re wearing. However, a hat can also either enhance or worsen your OOTD. Hence, there are some rules that you need to follow.

Here are some tips on how to wear a hat. In this article, you will learn different types of men’s hats and everything about the proper hat etiquette, as well as a few ways to wear a hat, so you can finally give your closet a major boost!

The Fedora

The fedora is a timeless designer hat and has been in and out of the fashion scene since the 19th century.

This hat first appeared in the French play by Victorien Sardou in 1882. The leading character, Princess Fedora, wore a soft brimmed, center-creased hat. It was primarily known as a women’s hat until Prince Edward started wearing the hat in 1994. Soon, men adapted the famous hat and became a popular men’s hat.

Fedoras have been synonymous with gangsters, film stars, musicians, and even in Unorthodox Jews.

The fedora hat can be worn in a variety of ways. When worn properly and paired with contemporary outfits, it can give nostalgia and old-school charm. However, this hat will not look good or work on a sweatshirt, joggers, or jeans.

Hence, buy a Fedora that fits you perfectly. Fedoras look best on collared shirts and a tux. Wearing a hat in a traditional outfit can make you stand out from the crowd.

The Baseball Cap

The baseball cap was first introduced in 1860 atop the heads of the Brooklyn baseball team, The Excelsiors. It was originally made and characterized by its rare fastening and protruding peak, to protect the players from the players’ eyes from the sun.

Although this true sporting icon has been knocked right out of the park over the last 150 years, it has become associated with hip-hop royalty and even the modern hype beast. 

Now, the baseball cap exemplifies high-low dressing, neatly nestling between leisure and the rest of life. Famous celebrities have worn this hat during bad hair days, while rappers like Wiz Khalifa have used it as an artistic expression and a signature style.

This hat is best worn with both casual and sporty outfits. You can wear it with formal pieces such as blazers and shirts. On the other hand, you can also wear baseball caps with overshirts and hoodies. Just a friendly reminder though, make sure that your hat is facing forward, no matter what style you choose.

The Bucket Hat

The Bucket hat takes us all the way back from the ’90. Even though it wasn’t designed with looks in mind, this hat is making a huge return to the fashion scene. The Bucket hat was originally invented in the 1900s to protect Irish fishermen from the rain. It then went on to protect the troops’ necks in the ’40s and the war in Vietnam.

It wasn’t until the ’60s when this hat finally found its stride. The bucket hat transitioned from a protective hat to a stylish piece. This hat has been worn from Manchester lads to hip hop royalty, despite falling in and out of flavor for decades.

The bucket hat is back on the streetwear scene. You don’t need to be decked out in a parka or trussed up in a retro tracksuit to make the work trend. Instead, let the bucket hat be worn as the streetwear-learning statement that it evolved into. You can pair it with stripped back essentials in muted colors, like classic shirts and summer knitwear, as a universally accepted way to wear the hat.

The Flat Cap

The flat cap was once worn by English gentlemen, more specifically, those who have a preference for hunting. In the ’90s, it became the choice of hat for boy band members and old-timers. 

Now, times have changed for the flat cap. This hat has earned it’s way a spot as one of the most fast-looking accessories. 

The flat cap is actually versatile, despite its rural connotations. It can work on looks from smart-casual or just smart. This hat has similar lines to the baseball cap in terms of fit.

The Beanie

The beanie has been around since the 11th century, coming in all shapes and forms. The modern design that we all love and know has its roots in blue-collar and military uniforms.

This hat is made out of rugged woolen. Back in the day, the beanie has been maintained and adopted by ski-season brats and actors who are out-of-work. 

There are no hard or strict rules in wearing or pulling off a beanie. But according to men’s style writer Luke Raymond, he suggests balancing a beanie’s casual learning with structure. 

To simply put, try looking in the mirror. What you see should be ruggedly casual more than roadman. Otherwise, evaluate your options.


Can everyone wear a hat?

Everyone can wear a hat as long as it’s worn the proper way. A hat can be that one fashion accessory that sets you apart, whether you’re at a formal gathering or just doing a few errands.

Is it disrespectful to wear a hat indoors?

It depends on the place and the situation. For instance, during the “National Anthem,” the hat must be removed and held until it’s over. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with wearing a hat indoors, especially if required.

Do hats block UV rays?

Hats with at least 2 to 3 inches of brim all around are ideal because they protect areas that are usually exposed to the sun, such as your eyes, nose, forehead, ears, and scalp.

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