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Wear Fedora Hat

Finding a versatile hat can be quite challenging. It’s an essential and a staple to any man’s wardrobe. It’s hard to leave home without a hat that is both adaptable to dress up and dress down with any outfit. Luckily, there is a designer hat that’s been around for a while now and will do just the trick.

The Fedora hat is a timeless and classic accessory in fashion. It is mostly designed for men, but nowadays, women can be seen wearing a Fedora too!

So, what does a Fedora hat look like?

Fedora hat styles are designed as a soft felt hat with a crown that is crinkled lengthwise and has the front on both sides strained. They all come in different styles and sizes. They can be made of wool, felt, or straw, depending on your preference.

However, wearing the wrong hat at the wrong occasion might give someone a bad impression. It can also turn this designer hat into a faux pas. And we wouldn’t want that, do we?

So, we have a few rules that one must keep in mind to avoid getting caught by the fashion police.

Here are some fashion tips for men on how to wear Fedora hats:

1. Choose a Fedora Hat that Fits

The first step to wearing a Fedora hat is to make sure that it fits the size of the head and face shape. The hat must not be too big or too small on the head. Fedoras can either shorten or lengthen the face shape, so it’s important to figure out what complements the face.

For example, if someone has a round and wide face, I recommend choosing a hat that will help slim the face shape. In this case, the best hat styles should have a raised crown and a slightly upturned, irregular brim. Wearing it tilted can help too.

The best way to know if a Fedora fits right is to wear it straight and centered. It should rather rest comfortably above the ears and slightly above the center of the forehead, instead of bending downward on the forehead. Another proper way to wear a Fedora and see if it looks good on you is to slightly tilt the hat to the side.

2. Consider Body Proportions

Another thing one should consider is body proportions. We all have different shapes, sizes, and unique features. Some factors include the height, the body type, and most especially, the shoulders. Meanwhile, some facial features that need to be considered are the nose, the chin, and the ears.

When we wear clothes, we all want to highlight our assets and conceal areas that are not so advantageous. The same goes for hats, not all Fedora styles and sizes will look good on you. 

Here are some examples: small to medium-scaled hats are fit for people who are short. For someone who is plus-size, a bigger scaled Fedora will look good on them. For taller and thinner men, go for medium to low crowns.

3. Opt for Neutrals

The best way to start wearing Fedoras is to play it safe first. We all start somewhere at something, anyway. Hone the basics by wearing Fedora hats that have sane or neutral colors such as white, black, and grey. These colors are easy to match and can go with almost any Fedora outfit. 

A black fedora will make any simple outfit or color pop. For a basic hat that can go with any color and occasion, a gray Fedora is an excellent color to have on any hand. It can go with blue, gray, black, and some other darker-colored suits. A casual straw hat can look good on natural colors and Fedora outfits for guys. Darker color straw fedoras can be worn with dark and light shirts as well.

In my opinion, Fedora hats look best when paired with a suit and tie. For instance, a wool Fedora is suitable when wearing a sharp, tailored suit. This can be worn to some great occasions like weddings, dinner parties, balls, and black tie events. Basically, you can wear this on formal events.

However, I don’t suggest any man wearing Fedoras on funerals, court trials, or any serious occasions. Otherwise, it can be out of place.

4. Try a Variety of Fedora Styles

After honing the basics, now is the time to break the rules! Fedoras come in a variation of styles and colors. Versatile details make it wearable from season after season. But keep in mind that not everyone will appreciate this style. Don’t forget to have good judgment, too.

One way to do this is by trying on different Fedora styles from edgy to casual and going to different occasions. Some factors that one also needs to consider is the event and the weather, to know what Fedora fits best for them.

For something bold and out of the comfort zone, leather Fedoras suit urban outfits. Rock stars and musicians usually pair this hat with jeans. But if you ask me, I’d rather stick to classy or simple Fedora outfits if I’m not performing at sold-out concerts.

A straw fedora hat is a perfect choice for warmer weather. It can be downright trend-setting if worn with the right pair of jeans. This can also be worn on casual events like going on vacation or lounging at a pool or beach. This hat keeps the sun off of your face and maintains a stylish look at the same time. It helps ease the heat and keep your head cooler. As for colder places and seasons, a wool Fedora hat will keep your warm.

Go for clothes that fit you well and maybe add a blazer. Another smart move is to wear a polo shirt or a shirt that has a collar. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different outfits, as long as it is forward thinking enough.

5. Wear it With Confidence

Last, but definitely not the least, is to wear the Fedora hat with confidence. Put it on your head, find a good angle, then have fun with it! 

Wearing a Fedora for the first time can feel weird at first. But if you wear your Fedora while holding your head up and exuding confidence, it will make people turn their heads.

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