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Hats are a timeless fashion accessory. They have a certain flair and offer diverse outfit styles. However, one concern for people who wear hats is that their hats lose form.

Even occasional use can cause a hat to lose shape. Its material could deteriorate over time and lose its original shape. But don’t fret. This article will cover five reasons why hats lose their shape and how to restore them to good as new.

Any type of hat can be restored with the right methods, including a fedora, bucket hat, baseball cap, and so on. This is why it is essential to take good care of your hats to keep them in good condition.

How Do Hats Lose Their Shape?

Like most pieces of cloth apparel, hats can be easily crumpled, folded, etc. And as stated earlier, the material used to make these hats wear over time. But how do they get deformed? Here are a few cases in which your hat could lose shape.

1. Picking It Up By The Crown

For hats like fedoras, they have a defined shape that sits on your head, giving you a somewhat vintage style when matched with a smart-casual outfit. And anyone who picks up a fedora by its crown could potentially ruin the overall shape. 

2. Cleaning Mistakes

Cleaning or washing a hat may appear simple, but finding the appropriate cleaning process that will not only make it feel new but also retain the hat’s shape is rather challenging. 

A washer’s tumbling action will not only destroy its shape but will also harm the material. In addition, dryers often produce high heat, which will also cause your hat to lose its form.

3. Accidents

You could also damage your hat without the intention of doing so. For example, accidentally sitting or stepping on them could be anyone’s mistake. You might also accidentally put your hat in the laundry. Other than deforming the hat, these accidents could ruin the hat beyond repair.

4. Improper Storage

Not everyone appreciates hats. So there’s no doubt some people don’t know how to properly handle their hats. Shoving your hat into your bag is a huge red flag, especially for hats with distinct shapes like gambler hats.

5. Animals

Like it or not, pets can be a huge factor in your fashion wardrobe. If you leave your hat out on the floor, your dog might chew on it. Cats tend to knead on almost anything they find interest in, and your hat could be no exception. 

Tips To Avoid Hats From Losing Their Shape

Now that you know the possible scenarios on how your hat could lose its shape, here are a few methods on how to take proper care of your hat to retain its shape:

  • Hold your hat by the brim at all times. As much as possible, avoid picking it up by the crown.
  • Keep your hat off its brim at all times. Turn it over and place it on the crown. Sitting your hat on its brim may flatten it out.
  • To brush your hat clean, use a soft bristles brush.
  • The heat from stoves, radiators, lighting, and automobile windows will shrink the inside sweatband.
  • Keep your hat in a cool, dry area to keep its form and keep it clean. Keep your hat in a hat box while it’s not in use.

Repairing Your Hat With Steam

If you have accidentally flattened or crushed your stylish hat, you can try a few things to its former glory. But you don’t have to bring it to a hat shop and pay to have it restored. 

You can do it yourself, in the comfort of your own home. All you need is moisture. For reshaping a fedora hat at home, steam is the right alternative. 

Steaming removes wrinkles and dents from headwear in the same way that ironing flattens clothes. Remember that you’re working with boiling water, so handle everything with caution. 

The first thing you want to do is heat up a steam iron or boil water in a kettle. Next, find the disfigured portion of the hat you wish to repair and expose it against the steam.

The inner part of the hat should be facing towards you whenever the iron is hot, or the kettle creates steam. It’s preferable to start at the brim and progressively move up to the top of the hat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I fix my fedora hat?

Apart from the previously mentioned method. There is another approach that does not require steam. Gently press out dents or distortions on the crown and straighten any crushed or wrinkled areas of the brim using a hat brush or your hand. 

Store the hat in a cool, dry location after stuffing it with a paper towel, a small towel, or anything similar. You can also mold the hat using a ball, wig stand, or other suitable-sized round items.

How do you fix a bent hat brim?

Apply seam to the deformed area until the material is flexible enough to reshape. You can work the brim into the desired shape using your hands. When reshaping the brim, it is recommended that you use a flat surface as a reference.

Can you iron hats?

If the hat you plan to iron is made of cotton or polyester, you can use a steam iron. But instead of ironing the hat on a flat surface, you can stuff the inside of the hat with a towel or something similar to hold its shape while you iron around it.

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