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The trucker hat has evolved from a functional promotional item to a trendy fashion piece within a span of about 50 years. We’re now seeing the item’s swift resurgence along with other early 2000s trends like low-rise jeans and graphic tees.

Whether you used to know it simply as a trucker, a netback cap, a feed cap, or a mesh cap, this hat is sure to give your look a casual and laid-back twist, with added comfort and style. 

Before you can sport the trucker hat, here are some things you need to know about why they are quickly making their way back to a lot of people’s wardrobes.

What are Trucker Hats? 

Trucker hats were not originally worn by just anyone. 

Companies used the cap as giveaways doubling as promotional items to farmers, ranchers, vendors, and truck drivers in rural 70s America. This is where the item got the name that is now popularly used. 

Original trucker hats would contain big patches or embroidered logos on the front, a particular design strategy that made it the perfect way to get new and old brands known to the public. 

It gave free advertising while simultaneously giving sun protection. Creative and practical.

The trucker hat’s parts include a crown with a mesh back, a top button, a loop or snap closure, and a curved visor. As for its design, no standard is set; it can be personalized and taken in whatever direction.  

An important feature to point out about trucker hats is their noticeable logos that are either sewn directly onto the cap or an attached patch. This, along with the mesh back, make up the iconic look that has survived decades.

Despite originally bearing logos of feed stores and animal supply businesses, the accessory has successfully expanded its horizons. However, the trucker hat has retained its perfect balance of practicality and creativity no matter which era it settles in.

Today, trucker hats are known as a casual addition to a wide range of outfits. So whether you like to dress in easy t-shirts or sweatshirts or in more dressed-up ensembles like button-ups and jackets, there’s a trucker hat that can add an extra dimension to your look. 

Why are Trucker Hats Back in Style?

Trends tend to resurface, and the trucker hat is not an exception.

It gained momentum in the late 90s and the early 2000s, originally attracting attention from both the underground and high-fashion subcultures. 

From skaters, hip-hop artists, pop-punk enjoyers, or even the common folk, various groups absorbed the trend into their daily street style. 

Celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Pharrell specifically had the trucker hat in their most memorable looks of the early 2000s, helping spread the trend even further 

With Y2K pop culture swiftly making its comeback intro racks everywhere, it is no surprise that the trucker hats are making their awaited return. 

Models, celebrities, fashion experts, and the entrepreneurs of today are leading this comeback. Even Men’s Fashion Week Spring 2023 goers have marked this as a staple, boldly matching it with modern suit jackets and sundresses. 

Amidst all this, the trucker hat is more than just a trend. We’ll give you three reasons why the trucker hat deserves the hype:

Trucker Hats Are Versatile

It is a unisex item that can be worn by anyone. Therefore, the customizability of the trucker hat is infinite. Wearers can opt for a different color, material, and design to fit their preferences, age, gender, or lifestyle. 

Materials used can either be plain or printed, cotton or mesh, and formed or flexible. Finding a trucker hat for a particular occasion is easy because of the range many brands carry. It can also be found in a number of price points, from casualwear to high fashion.

Trucker Hats Make A Statement

The trucker hats have been used by many to identify as part of a certain social group with various symbols, quotes, logos, and other graphics. 

Those who share an admiration for certain celebrities, musical artists, shows, or sports teams can wear a trucker hat to show their support even outside of special events. 

The hat can carry almost any image on the front portion as long as it can be sized down to the length between the top button and the visor. 

Trucker Hats Are Comfortable 

One of the trucker hat’s main identifying qualities is geared toward comfort. The mesh back allows for air to circulate inside the cap, lessening the chances of sweating and dampening around the head. 

Another is that you can wear it traditionally or wear it backward. 

Wearing it with the visor in front, like how it is traditionally worn, proudly shows its design while shielding your eyes from the sun. Wearing it backward allows for unobstructed vision and a more casual vibe. 

Get Style with Trucker Hats Now

If you’re interested in adding trucker hats to your collection, a wide range of designs is available online for you to choose from. 

The trucker hat is a trend that we fully support. Any item that provides style and comfort is something that we’re all in for.

Find the type that suits you when it comes to material, color, design, and body. Then, consider how it matches the current fashion pieces that you have on hand for easy styling. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are trucker hats?

Trucker hats are similar to baseball caps in appearance. It originated in rural America in the 70s and has since been used by various groups of people as time passed.

Its defining characteristics include a mesh back for breathability, a curved front visor, and a noticeable logo on the front.

Why are trucker hats back in style?

Trucker hats are part of the Y2K culture that’s making its comeback recently. 

They are also known for their versatility and comfort. People who want to make a statement effortlessly have used trucker hats to send their message through logos, quotes, and other images. Trucker hats are good for any season, not just in the summer, when it usually has a practical function. 

What should I wear trucker hats with?

Trucker hats are usually worn with casual clothes such as t-shirts and sweatshirts, but they can also be styled with button-ups or jackets, given that the color and design are a good match with the rest of the outfit. 

Wearing it with the visor either in front or at the back also calls for a different approach to styling.

Some prefer to go bold and pair it with more unusual combinations of clothes, such as suits and dresses. But, as long as it represents your style, trucker hats can be taken in any direction a wearer wants.

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