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Is this a great time to get a new pair of men’s exotic skin shoes? Of course, it is. There’s always the impression that you have to strike while the iron is hot. But who knows? Maybe this time, you will be the one who’s more desirable with something extraordinarily comfortable and eye-catching shoes matched with your overall ensemble.

With the continuous change in the clothing style and the trends, there is only a guarantee that you can rely on your exotic men’s shoes to catch onlookers’ attention. 

So, to help you find the best pair of shoes with an intricate, exotic skin design, here are the things you need to look for, and we have them all written down for you.

Look for High-Quality Shoes

Quality always comes first when looking for the next pair of shoes. Of course, you’re looking for a shoe that not only appeals to the eye, but you’re also looking for the one that can serve you the purpose it truly needs – having smooth and comfortable shoes to wear on any occasion you need it. 

A luxurious pair of men’s exotic skin shoes does more job than your trusted cheap pair. While they are a bit beyond the usual budget, you can guarantee that looking for exotic ones gives you a look that only luxury can bring. 

The details of your exotic shoes are different from the usual leather. Each skin has additional features that are found with these fresh pairs. 

Moreover, exotic shoes come from a long and careful process. Most of the products go under manufacture procedure for 10 to 12 months with the creation of shoemakers

You should go for the shoes that underwent these processes too because the process alone proves that they won’t easily break or be mass-produced to cater to a more significant number of consumers. 

Italian exotic shoes are one of the examples that you should consider purchasing because of the high-quality materials and handcrafted products that this footwear provides you. They take great pride in that no other shoemaker can match their quality when creating exceptional garments.

The quality of the skin they make is at a high mark, let alone their artisan’s skills that push their way on to provide you with a durable and elegant-looking shoe at your disposal. 

Durability? Durability

Are your shoes durable enough for any activities that you’re going for? Some cheap shoes can be a pain to deal with, essentially when it is susceptible to tear and possibly holes at any time. 

Getting a good pair of shoes with a guaranteed reputation saves you the need to buy another one every time you need to attend a special gathering or any event. Aside from that, they last for a very long time without having the unsightly blemishes and scratches if you know how to take care of them properly. 

They Should Be Smooth

Another important consideration in buying a men’s exotic skin shoes is knowing how it feels when you wear them. The footwear you are going to take are the ones that carry your entire ensemble throughout the day, and it would be agonizing if your shoes didn’t feel smooth. 

If you’re not careful enough to see how it feels on your foot, the material may look like it’s made of quality until you try it on. The way the skin clings on your feet shouldn’t feel like putting your feet under pressure or walking on top of nails. 

Test out the shoes to see if you can go anywhere in them. If you tried it on and the shoes don’t feel as smooth as they appear, you should try another pair of exotic shoes.

A Shoe With Great Flexibility

Now that you guarantee your shoes are smooth, the next question is: is that flexible enough for the way you’re going to use them? It may look like an excellent shoe with a glamourous design, but when it is not adjustable and creases when you wear them, it can ruin its overall style. 

In terms of styling, you should also pick flexible shoes to pair with anything you want to pair them with. The shoes you are eyeing should be able to go from semi-formal to smart-casual styling to reap all of the benefits you can get from them. 

Think of getting an excellent exotic-skinned loafer. These loafers are comfortable enough to wear, and they are undoubtedly fashionable in any outfit you want to go for. 

Look for the One With Smaller Scales

Exotic skin shoes are usually eel, alligator, caiman, python, and ostrich skin. These skins have generally scaled on their skin, and scale size matters for shoes. The smaller scaled shoes carry on the look with a distinguished taste, as it does not carry much attention in contrast to the big ones. They are not your bags that need to see the scales, but they need to know how you confidently carry the shoe. 

Look for the One With an Excellent Style

Saving for the last comes the style. When you get an excellent pair of exotic shoes, you don’t need Taylor Swift to sing a reminder that you’re never going out of style. 

The style overall determines whether you’re in it for the kill or you’re just here to go for the quality. But why shouldn’t you go for the shoe that gives you a state of fashion that only luxury can buy? 

A good and expensive men’s exotic skin shoes should be able to accentuate your outfit, just like when you know how to pair them well with a hat

So, when you are looking forward to buying men’s exotic shoes, make sure to see the following considerations: 

  • color 
  • skin type
  • style of the shoes


The colors of an exotic shoe can tell whether it fits for a casual look or not. Lighter shades bring the attention of each observer, and they may look out of place when worn in a more formal event. 

Always sort out the color before moving on to the next step.

Exotic Skin Type

As mentioned above, an exotic shoe has many skin types that you could go for. For a quick overview, alligator and crocodile skins are expensive ones. They are closely related to each other, but each has a distinctive style. Alligator shoes have tough scales, while crocodile shoes are shiny ones. 

On the other hand, snakeskin looks dry and only needs some bleaching to tone the overall skin. Meanwhile, lizards need much maintenance because they can be extremely dry like snakeskin. 

Style of shoes

You may choose a loafer, sneakers, oxfords, or derby. Even though you already know these shoes, it doesn’t hurt to remember the kind of shoes that you need.


Your next pair of exotic skin shoes should be made of high-quality materials, making your footwear entirely durable, flexible, smooth, and the likes. It also matters that you strike it best with the style that captures your personality and enhances your overall styling. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are exotic shoes worth the price?

Exotic shoes are indeed worth the price. Not only are they reliable footwear, but they are also durable and can last for a more extended period if you take care of them properly. 

What is the difference between alligator and crocodile skins?

Alligator and crocodile skins are two different materials used to make exotic shoes. Crocodiles have narrower lines than alligators, but alligators have fewer pores than crocodiles.

Is it wrong for your feet to wear the same shoes every day?

Most of the shoes lose their durability when you wear them, often without replacement. Additionally, they are also susceptible to horrible odor as they don’t have enough time to dry, so it is best to have other shoes to wear to avoid these complications. 

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