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Every gentleman should have a set of different dress shoes to make their every outfit an expression of pure sophistication.

Indeed, there is a lot you can tell about a person just by looking at their choice of footwear. Oxford shoes are among the high-end shoes that will help you make an excellent first impression anywhere you go or whoever you meet.

How do you know if a pair is good quality Oxford shoes, and how can you rock one? We bring you all the information you need about these classically timeless shoes.

What Makes a Pair of Shoes Oxford?

The main thing that distinguishes Oxford shoes from, say, Derby shoes is their closed lacing system where the shoelace eyelets tabs are sewn under the shoes’ vamp. Thus, it is pretty easier to walk long roads with a Derby as it is more flexible. However, the lacing makes Oxford shoes one of the most formal-looking dress shoes. They also usually have a cap-toe and have a small stacked heel of about 1cm in height.

What Are the Common Types of Oxford Shoes?

Oxford shoes come in many types that are versatile enough to be worn on many occasions.

  • Plain – These shoes have the main characteristics of an Oxford but without the cap-toe and any broguing. It is usually made of leather and is suitable to be worn with a tuxedo or any formal outfit.
  • Cap-toe – These Oxford shoes have an extra part other than the vamp and quarter called cap-toe. They are one of the most widespread Oxford pairs and businessmen are usually seen wearing these shoes.
  • Wingtip/Brogue – A Wingtip shoe is distinguished by a broguing shaped like a W. These stylish brogue shoes make it more compatible with casual wear.
  • Seamless – As the name implies, these Oxford shoes do not have any visible seam. It makes it more sleek and elegant looking and is a perfect choice for more formal events.
  • Whole Cut – Most dress shoes are made from pieces of leather that are stitched together. Whole cut Oxford shoes are made of one whole cut of leather. They only have one visible seam at the heel. 

Surprisingly, even with a minimal design that makes them classy, whole cut Oxfords are suitable for a leather jacket and jeans outfit, too. 

One disadvantage of its single-cut leather, though, is being more prone to wrinkling easily. 

How Do You Wear Oxford Shoes?

Oxford shoes are usually worn with formal outfits because of their sleek appearance.

However, there are more casual Oxford shoes such as suede shoes like Double Monk Oxford Shoes by Steven Land. You can also wear bright-colored leather Oxford shoes such as our very own Mare shoes made by Belvedere to complete your business casual look.

You would also not go wrong with pairing brown or tan-colored Oxford shoes with denim pants when you’re trying to strike a less formal but still stylish look that would help you stand out and make a fashion statement.

Black Oxford shoes, be it matte or sleek like Belvedere’s Nome are another standard color you should have in your wardrobe. It suits almost any color and makes you build a gentleman’s image.

Pairs that have apparent leather patterns such as Onesto II are often worn with colors that don’t clash with the shoes. Their luxury is accentuated when worn with suits. 

Can You Distinguish Good Quality Oxford Shoes?

Distinguishing good quality Oxford shoes does not differ widely from any other good dress shoes. Price is not the only indicator of a good pair of shoes. You also have to look for the quality of the leather upper, the construction quality, and the crafting technique.

The quality of the leather upper is determined by what kind of leather is used – genuine leather, top-grain, or full-grain leather. 

Genuine leather is third-class leather. It is extracted from the top layers of the higher quality leather. 

Top grain leather is made when you sand down the uneven top layer of a hyde, giving it a more uniform look. 

Full-grain leather is the most high-quality type of leather, and it basically comes from the top layer of the hyde. This is said to be the most durable and moisture-resistant leather.

If you have been buying dress shoes for a while now, you might know that stitched shoes are relatively stronger than cemented or glued shoes which are often used when mass producing footwear. 

You can choose between Goodyear welted shoes or blake stitched shoes, which are both stitched. They are both high-quality construction techniques that yield replaceable soles. The difference is that Goodyear welted shoes are less flexible and more expensive because of their extra layer and a more complicated construction process that adds to their durability.

Buying Your Own Oxford Pair

Are you convinced that it’s time for you to get that pair of Oxford shoes you’ve been eyeing on? Head over to Dapperfam’s shoes section now and check out our latest releases.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How does a closed lacing system affect shoe quality?

A closed lacing system affects shoe quality only because it quite lessens the shoes’ flexibility. It becomes quite difficult to walk longer distances with these shoes and it makes it difficult for men with wider feet to wear them.

Are Oxford shoes worth their price?

You wouldn’t regret investing in good quality Oxford shoes because they are elegant when you can spot high-quality ones. They are comfortable to wear and help you establish a businessman look.

Where can I buy good quality Oxford shoes?

The best way to look for good quality Oxford shoes is by doing your research about different shoemakers and which have the best reputation in the industry. Aside from the standard indicators of high-end Oxford pairs, you should also take your preference into account for your personal satisfaction. Dapperfam has a collection of good-quality Oxford shoes that can be shipped overseas you can browse now. 

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