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They say function trumps style when it comes to choosing the best winter hats for men and women. But there’s no reason you can’t look good while protecting your head against the cold weather. 

Hats are one of the best ways to showcase your personality. While not all hat styles work for winter, there’s a good selection of hats you can choose from to complete your winter get-up.

So if you want to spruce up your wardrobe with fashionable yet functional winter hats, read on. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to purchase the right winter hat for you.

Tips on Choosing Winter Hats

Choosing the perfect winter hat will always come down to you and your preferences. However, there are things you would want to consider before browsing different winter hat collections. This way, you’d really get function and fashion with the hat you buy.

Here are some useful tips to get you started:

  • Match the hat with your face shape – You might often hear that when it comes to hats, you have to wear one that matches your face shape. Choose the hat that compliments your face shape, so it adds and not takes away from your overall flair.
  • Match the hat with your outfit and style – A good hat can make or break your winter outfit. Choose a winter hat that matches the wardrobe you already have or the ones that you think will show off your personality. 
  • Check the trends – Sure, you can dress however you want, but it will help you to check out the current trends, especially if you don’t have much idea about styling winter hats. Browse through winter hat outfits, and you might find the one you love.
  • Choose the best fit – if you want a hat that fits properly or you’re into loose hats, it’s up to your preference. Just remember that hats that are not fitted well will provide less protection from the cold.
  • Prioritize your comfort  – You can find hats that protect your head or are elegant but are itchy or uncomfortable. Without comfort, would you last a whole day wearing your hat, or toss it away for good?
  • Choose a material that provides additional protection – The primary selling point of winter hats is their protection against cold weather. Wintertime calls for furry, thick hats to protect your head and ears against frostbite.
  • Choose hats you can maintain – Hats are a wardrobe investment. So always choose a hat you know you can conveniently maintain, wash, or clean. This way, you’ll have different hat choices for different outfits every winter.

Best Winter Hats for Men

Some men like more extravagant styles, while others choose to stick to the classics. Regardless of how you want to style your winter attire, there’s a hat for you.

Here are some stylish men’s winter hats you can choose from:


A beanie is one of the classic winter hats. It has earned different names depending on where you’re from: stocking cap, watch cap, sock cap, bobcap, and more. 

This hat is usually knitted with wool, cotton, or synthetic fabric and is characterized by its round, usually brimless shape that hugs the shape of your head. Some beanies also have folded-up brims that provide extra protection to your ears.

Beanies are easy to style and go with most informal outfits. They are usually worn in a casual setting, but you can also style them with suits. 


Ushanka is one of the Russian hats that are especially useful during winter. It is characterized by two flaps covering both ears ending with ties you can style in different ways. It’s usually made of fur, sheepskin, and artificial fur.

Ushanka is for the colder days when a beanie is not enough to keep your head and ears warm. However, it’s trickier to style it with different casual outfits, but it will match well with fur coats and other basic winter clothing.

Trapper Hats

Trapper hats also come with ear flaps that you can fasten at the chin to seal in the warmth for your ears, chin, and neck. They are mostly brimless hats that are perfect for more extreme winter conditions, especially if you need to stay outside all day.

Trapper hats are usually made of leather or wool, lined with animal fur to fight against cold weather.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are characterized by downward-sloping brims covering the head, which resembles an upside-down bucket. It is usually made of wool, cotton, polyester fabric, or sherpa fabric.

Bucket hats are perfect if you want coverage for your eyes, although a wider brim might obscure your vision. Winter bucket hats are more flexible and come in different styles and colors to match more outfits.

Ivy Hat

An ivy hat or ivy cap is a short-brimmed flat hat that looks similar to a baseball cap. It can be made out of leather, wool, cotton, and other fabrics. Ivy hats are usually more lightweight, warm, and comfortable to wear. They are less formal than dress hats like fedoras and trilby hats but can still be worn in trendy and elegant outfits for official events.

Dress Hats

Dress hats such as fedoras, boater hats, homburgs, and pork pie hats can actually be winter headgears, depending on the thickness of the materials used. Since they are made out of thicker felts and wool, they are perfect hats for classy outfits. 

Best Winter Hats for Women

Women’s winter hats have become more flexible throughout the years. Some hats that used to be exclusive to men also found a way to be in women’s closets nowadays. With a great variety of colors and designs available, you will find a hat or two (or more) that will suit your taste.

Here are some of the cutest women’s winter hats you should check out:


As it is the most commonly worn hat during winter, it’s not surprising that beanies style both men and women. They accessorize almost all outfits and can be used for traveling or outdoor activities. 

Women have remarkably more extensive choices when it comes to beanies. Colorful beanies and even pom poms can be styled more easily for women while protecting their ears and heads during the cold season. 

Bucket hat

Although bucket hats are typically associated with warmer weather, they can be used in winter when made from warm materials like wool or fur. Plus, their brims can provide protection against light snowfall.

Bucket hats are rising in the mainstream again, and you can get creative styling them. You can’t go wrong with pairing them with other winter essentials like coats and boots. Another option is mixing a puffer jacket, pants, and long boots.


Berets are one of the women’s winter hats that are popular for their appearance. They are brimless hats usually made of acrylic, wool, or cotton. While they are versatile in styles, they wouldn’t keep you warm in harsher weather, especially since they don’t protect your ears.

Trapper hat

Trapper hats make good travel hats, especially in colder weather. Its ear flaps and thick, fuzzy material are perfect for freezing temperatures. A combination of an oversized coat and boots is the iconic take for this hat.

Cossack hat

Cossack hats have steadily climbed in popularity for women’s winter hats nowadays. They are brimless, very thick, and usually made of fur or faux fur. They also offer ample cold protection since they can be worn low enough to completely cover your ears.

These hats give off a luxurious look and can level up outfits as simple as sweatshirts or knitted long sleeves and pants into a more posh look.

Dress hats

Dress hats are a good choice for flamboyance during wintertime. Wool or felt Fedoras will help keep you warm while still maintaining elegance. 

These hats are best worn for formal events or parties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why Is It Important to Wear a Hat In Winter?

Winter hats can help keep you warm, especially since your head and ears are susceptible to frostbite. 

What hats are best to wear in winter?

Hats that offer head and ear protection from the cold weather are the best hats to wear in winter. The most common winter hats are beanies and other furry hats like ushanka and cossack hats. 

How to choose the right winter hat?

If you want a hat that’s just functional, prioritize looking for hats made of high-quality and thick materials. However, if you want to rock your winter outfits as well, you can play around with dress hats like Fedoras that complement your face shape, style, and personality.

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