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Fashionable hats can never go out of character. While others may see that the hats can serve as a fashion statement, it can be a disaster when you don’t know how to wear and match them correctly. Take wearing a bowler hat, for example. 

To come off stronger with a sense of style that can show your confidence and excellent taste, here is a comprehensive guide for wearing a bowler hat to suit your outfit. 

What Is a Bowler Hat?

This type of hat is not only a fashionable statement adorned on top of your head. They also give you an edge to look dapper in your social gatherings and give you an edge in wearing formal suits without looking too dull or boring. 

Bowler hats emerged because of the innovative idea of Sir Thomas William Coke’s brother, Edward Coke, in 1849. It is designed or built like that because it seems practical to wear in their time rather than the long top hats. 

The top hats are rather heavy to wear, and once a strong wind blows over, the hat would go with it. But wearing bowler hats, they are made to be firm, and it does not get blown away by the wind too quickly. 

Because the hats are durable and shorter than top hats, most passengers who ride by horse find relief in donning them. The gentlemen who wear this need not crouch when encountering unpleasant tree branches.

On August 25th, 1849, the brothers brought the idea of a shorter hat to wear in James Lock & Co. The hatmakers who provided the first model were Thomas Bowler and William Bowler, hence the name of the hats. 

The Emergence of Different Bowler Hat Types

While the hat became more popular because of its practical take on men’s wear, different names emerged in different countries. 

The Coke and Bowler Hats

It’s because of the people engaged in the hat’s creation, like the Coke hat, which was named after Sir William Coke, but later became Billycock. The design was then sold by the Bowler brothers and became a bowler hat.

Meanwhile, in the United States, it has taken a different turn as the “billycock” and bowler hats that we know were called derby hats. 

Derby (annual horse racing) was a popular event in England and afterward adapted to Americans who appreciate horse racing. The derby hat then became a popular accessory among males who enjoy watching the three-year-old horse participate in races. 

The hat has been famous throughout British and American history, British culture, and the American West. The hat is an essential aspect of dress for working men and ordinary guys, which asserts their class standing.

What Kind of Material Is Used to Make Bowler Hats?

Due to its popularity back in the day, there are variations in making a bowler hat. 

Bowler hats are distinctive in a way that their brims are shorter than those of other hat styles. Besides having a solid crown that does not deform easily, it can also be constructed of polyester or wool felt, depending on your preference. The fur felt bowler hat, on the other hand, is ideal if you want a more luxurious experience when you buy your bowler hat.

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The Downfall of Bowler Hats

Many modern reproductions of earlier bowler hats have become popular, and while the originals are typically preferred, buyers now have a fresh set of economical, safe, and well-made options. Hats that were more widely available and popular were far softer than the original. This was especially true in the 1940s when flat-brimmed hats were popular.

And, as more buyers express an interest in softer hats, new styles such as beanies, fedoras, and trilby hats have appeared. Currently, these types of hats are more readily accessible to the general population, and they may be worn with absolutely any style of dress.

Even yet, you should be aware that wearing a bowler hat gives you an advantage over other types of clothing. Those who prefer a more formal look in their attire can nonetheless reap the benefits of bowlers.

How to Wear a Bowler Hat

It is still possible to achieve the exquisite vintage look you desire while wearing your bowler hat. As long as you have the best comfort in wearing any hat, the rest of the work will follow quickly. 

The Classic Suit and Bowler Combination 

Combining your suit with an excellent bowler hat remains the best option in sporting a bowler. The hat is widely acceptable with suits such as business, lounge, or even stroller suits.

With the outfit already taken care of, the next thing you should check is the way you wear the bowler hat. 

The hat can be pushed on one side or placed in the back of your head. It usually depends on your head shape to find a suitable hat. 

The proper placement of the hat must be balanced on your head, that is, if you want the classy style of bowler hats.

But if you want to give off a relaxed hipster style, tilting the hat on the side of your head is an excellent way to go. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

In wearing a bowler hat, does my head shape matter?

Yes. Like any other hat, it is best to suit the shape of your head, especially in wearing bowler hats. If you have a round face, it will make your face seem fuller.

How to take care of your bowler hat?

In taking care of your hats, there are several products you can use to help give your hats an optimum look. Using the right brush and cleaner is good for the bowler hat since it has a delicate surface that needs some attention.

What is the difference between fedoras and bowler hats?

Fedoras have a softer crown than bowler hats. When you push the crown, it conforms with the body but you can’t easily do that with bowler hats.

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