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The shoes for the suit require special attention in trying out the right combination. Finding the right shoes strengthens your overall outfit, but failing to do so will surely sabotage all of your spent effort on feeling your best, confident self.

You can still get the remedy to this problem. In the end, you still have a choice to mix the color of your shoes to match your suit color, but this time, you have sound knowledge to achieve them all.

The 6 Best Shoes To Wear for Suits

Some occasions call for a formal dress code, like wearing a black suit and tie in a black-tie event. While others can be less formal than the event above, suits give you an edge, especially when you wear the essentially coordinating pair of shoes. 

Oxford Shoes 

Oxford shoes fit directly with the formal occasion such as white or black-tie events. This shoe’s structure uses a closed-lacing system to provide a cleaner look that goes well with your suit. 

While some may use this to pair with jeans, the classic shoes endured many events throughout history but still stand as the most-used shoes for formal occasions. The single leather structure and its single seam made it different from other shoes such as derby shoes and brogues. 

Derby Shoes 

Yes, Oxford shoes fit directly in the list of shoes that you can wear with suits, but Derby shoes contend straight up with the prior. 

Many business people find their satisfaction in these shoes as the gentlemen can wear them in casual or business casual clothing. It shows flexibility as it goes well with the casual blazer you can wear for the night clubbing or attend a coffee shop meeting with your boss or investor. 

Your comfort is the priority with derby shoes because, unlike oxfords, they have an open lacing system, making them accessible for adjustment catered to your liking. 

If you’re thinking of the best alternative shoes for oxfords, derby shoes are the best way to go, but this is except for black-tie occasions.

Brogue Shoes 

If you’re looking for a shoe that can look so fresh with your suit, the brogue is the way to go. Brogues have a stylish perforation approach adorned on the shoes, where you can see the decorative holes punched on the leather surface. 

The shoes can be either oxford or derby shoes, and the only way to determine one from the other is their shoe lacing system. With perforations forming in the toe cap, you can pair it with any casual business suit, but the lesser holes, the better. 

Monk Strap 

If you think that lacing your shoes is getting in the way, you can choose monk strap shoes. They don’t have the laces to tie and secure the shoe together, but with the adjustable strap, you can still look sharp with your suit.

This shoe serves as a variation from the usual oxford shoes. You may look fashionable with your suit, but monk straps are great as it adds a bold flavor to your style. You can pair them with suits for cocktails and business.


Another one of the shoes for suit you can choose is the business casual favorite of all, loafers. 

Loafers have a different take on the casual business styles suitable for your suit in any color you choose to take. While some may view loafers as a part of casual clothing, leather loafers are best for a sharper look. 


Like loafers, sneakers inserts to the scene of the suits. Wearing sneakers marked the casual style, but balancing the shoes with a white leather sneaker paired with cropped trousers sends you into the league of players aiming to ace the best look. 

Color Scheme in Matching the Shoes for Suit

Obtaining the appropriate color scheme of the suit harmonized with the shoes you’re wearing provides the advantage over the poorly coordinated ones. 

Wearing a black or charcoal suit gives a smaller choice to none other than black shoes. The reason why it happens is that black shoes look polished with a crisp black suit. 

But because black has a limited option, navy blue is nearly black, and it can go well with both brown and black shoes. Olive-colored suits also can choose between the two colors, but the situation will differ when you opt for the brown-colored ones. 

Brown-colored suits will go for the range of darker shades of brown. This way, you will still be able to make your outfit contradict the color of the shoes and the suit without catching unwanted attention. 

If you’re going for a lighter shade, favor the light grey suit and couple it with many shades of brown. The lighter shade of grey gives you the option to look for the colors, especially if you opt to get the focus balanced out. The color combination goes to beige suits as well, as they have a lighter shade of color. The way the tone contrasts the shoes makes your outfit stand out. 

The Final Say

If it all works well, you will be more likely enjoying yourself with the selection you made. 

Shoes provide the wearer’s comfort, and it never hurts to have shoes that show your way of presenting yourself admirably. While many occasions call for dress codes to match, your shoes should not stick out like a sore thumb. Not only will it make you uncomfortable, but it will make you self-conscious throughout the night. 

Your personal preference still stands out, of course. Having the exact color combination of the shoes and the suit will also give you an upper hand in choosing the right accessory to wear with the overall outfit. Hats can make you stand out by pairing the right ones like a fedora or a Homburg hat on top of your head.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

What are some of the best shoes to try with my suit? 

You can try oxford shoes for formal events, but shoes like derby shoes and brogues are advisable if everything goes in a less formal tone.  

Is it necessary for me to wear suits to wear dress shoes? 

No, dress shoes are also fitting for casual occasions. The shoes for suit shall provide you the easier option to go for, especially if you’re going to a more formal event in the future. 

Do I need to match my clothes with the occasion? 

Yes, dressing the part shows the way you respect the occasion. Like attending your relative’s wedding, you have to get your formal clothes working for you. 

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