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A bucket hat is a soft fabric hat with a wide, slanted brim that both men and women can wear. The brim protects the eyes and face from the sun. They’re frequently composed of canvas or heavy-duty cotton textiles like denim.

But which designs are made to upgrade your look? Read on to learn about the 10 best bucket hats for men that will increase your sense of fashion in 2022.

What Is a Bucket Hat?

A bucket hat is a casual one that comes in men’s and women’s styles. It’s usually made of cotton, canvas, or nylon and worn throughout the summer. 

Its design is especially effective in preventing sunburn on the head, face, and neck. Of course, the measurements differ from one manufacturer to the next, but the basic design is the same. 

Two or more grommets are commonly used in warm weather variants to provide airflow in the crown. The bucket hat is a design found in many civilizations and is not restricted to any ethnic group.

A bucket hat is often composed of washable, breathable material because it is a casual hat frequently worn during outdoor activities.

How to Wear a Bucket Hat: Fashion Tips

Wearing a bucket hat is a difficult stylistic move to master pull off. If you do it right, you’ll be the coolest person in the area. If you get it wrong, you’ll look like yourself but with a weird hat. There’s no in-between.

The key is to be creative with what you pair it with. Summer clothing is obviously a bucket hat’s best match. 

 Aim for simplicity. This style of headwear is prominent, so the rest of your clothing shouldn’t compete for attention with it. For a laidback, festival-ready look, go with a basic shirt, chino shorts, and canvas trainers. 

When the weather becomes cooler, switch things up with a track jacket and joggers. If you want to keep things simple, start with a basic, block-color hat, but if you don’t mind making a statement, go ahead and try some patterns.

The Best Men’s Bucket Hats of 2022 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best bucket hats for men this 2022:

1. Weather Man by Dorfman

The Weather Man by Dorfman is a water-repellent poplin bucket hat that comes in British tan, charcoal, white, and navy blue. It offers a convenient addition to your wardrobe and a classic appeal to your overall look. 

In addition, this hat is made with hydrophobic fabric to repel water, keeping your head dry and preventing sweat from penetrating.

2. Bermuda Casual by Kangol

If you’re looking for a more modern style, the Bermuda Casual by Kangol might be the right one for you. 

It features a simplistic one-tone, hip-hop design with the Kangol original logo on its front. This bucket hat design makes a lasting impression in various social environments, making it the perfect outgoing headwear.

The Bermuda Casual comes in scarlet, black, white, and navy blue colors. The material incorporates a soft fabric for easy portability and storage.

3. Stripe Lahinch by Kangol

The Stripe Lahinch is also a bucket hat made by Kangol, an updated version of their other old-school designs. 

This classic cotton bucket hat offers a vintage aesthetic and is claimed to be a definitive standard for people who like to wear a timeless style. It comes in white and beige color options.

4. Bernese by Stetson

The Bernese bucket hat made by Stetson is another water-repellent option that offers a more generic design. 

This bucket hat features a plaid inner lining for a more fashionable contrast and four grommets for breathability. You can get it in either black or Khaki.

5. Furgora Casual by Kangol

If you want a more distinctive design, you’re going to love the Furgora Casual. This fur bucket hat is also made by Kangol and bines their signature bucket shape. 

Kangol boasts that this design has been in the Hip-hop scene for a long time by Turntablists, Graffiti artists, and rappers back in the day.

In addition, it is made of a mix of Angora, Modacrylic, and Nylon fabrics, making it ideal for the winter and fall seasons.

6. Faux Fur Solid by Kangol

Another bucket hat incorporating a fur design is the Faux Fur Solid by Kangol. It features the classic bucket shape with fluffy faux fur. 

Given its material, the Faux Fur Solid bucket hat is your ultimate weapon against the cold.

7. Plaid Mash-Up by Kangol

The Plaid Mash-Up by Kangol leans towards the casual side of the fashion spectrum, featuring a mixed pattern in its design (50% cotton, 38% Polyester, 13% Rayon). 

In addition, it’s made from two different plaids that could go well with just about any stylish ensemble in your wardrobe.

8. Utility Cords Jungle by Kangol

Feeling adventurous? The Utility Cords Jungle bucket hat by Kangol is the perfect match for your outgoing tendencies. 

This hat has a wider brim compared to your typical bucket hat designs and features utility loops along with a chin cord.

You can get the Utility Cords Jungle bucket hat in navy blue, red, or Off white, and chin chords come in a contrasting color scheme for more fun.

9. Wool Casual Bucket Hat by Kangol

Here’s a wool bucket hat for a unique impression. The Wool Casual Bucket Hat by Kangol incorporates the classic bucket hat shape in a seamless, knitted, and blocked design innovated by Kangol with their embroidered kangaroo logo. 

It’s made of wool felt (67% wool, 33%Modacrylic, 100% Nylon) with a brim measuring 2 ¼ inches. Perfect for winter occasions.

10. Airbrush by Kangol

Are you tired of generic, one-tone color schemes? Then, check out our last bucket hat for a different perspective. The Airbrush bucket hat by Kangol is made for casual get-ups in hotter times of the year. 

It features a summer-style construction with a breathable band, making it comfortable even for sporty environments. This hat has a jacquard knit texture for its random color pallet, which resembles an airbrush painting. 

Bonus: Tropic Casual by Kangol

The Tropic Casual by Kangol is an original piece inspired by headwear commonly used during the Hip-hop era. It’s made of a polyester blend, making it lightweight and comfy—a classic design since the mid-90s.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are bucket hats out of style?

Bucket hats are, without a doubt, still fashionable. They may not be the hottest trend this year, but many still use them for casual looks and streetwear. Although bucket hats were not one of the year’s big trends, they remained popular among the fashion and entertainment crowds.

Can bucket hats be worn in winter?

Yes, bucket hats can be worn in winter. Winter bucket hats are made of fleece or faux fur, keeping heads warm while appearing stylish. In addition, lighter-weight hats in various attractive designs will keep the heat off your face throughout the summer months.

Do bucket hats look good?

The bucket hat is a versatile piece of clothing that may be used in any situation. Bucket hats are a classic style. The slanted brim and flat, deep crown look great with any face shape or hairdo. Additionally, it may be tailored to suit well with a casual wardrobe.

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