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While it’s true that we no longer live in the days where wearing hats is a staple to any gentleman’s everyday outfit, a premium quality hat will always come a long way in stepping up your wardrobe. After all, what else could be classier than wool felt fedora to complete your formal look?

If you’re looking for a place to teach you about how you can buy the perfect Fedora hat to help you pull off any outfit dashingly, we’re here to answer just that and give you some more tips so you wouldn’t regret your purchase.

Where to Purchase a Fedora Hat in 2021

You may have a variety of reasons why you are keen on investing in a good piece of Fedora. We have listed the best sources today where you can buy one that suits your needs.

Retail Stores

Of course, you can purchase a Fedora hat in retail stores such as H&M, but you should be ready to get disappointed if you value quality above others. With cheaper prices than hats produced in millineries that specialize in making hats, a premium made Fedora hat in stock in a retail store would be a steal.

Since these hats’ materials are relatively cheaper, Fedoras in retail stores are suited to people who are still quite hesitant to invest a huge deal on Fedora hats only to soon find that they are not fond of them. You can also opt to buy from retail stores if you are tight on budget. 

Online Stores

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit last 2020, more and more brands have adapted to the decline of people visiting their physical stores due to global lockdowns by setting up their own online stores. 

Digital stores work to advantage for people who are not able to leave their homes. With just a few clicks, you can set up an account, start searching for items you want to purchase and proceed to payment, all while sitting on your couch.

However, there may be discrepancies regarding sizing, make, color, among others, when you purchase online since you cannot see the items physically before buying them. This may be easily solved by choosing the right online store with credibility and good reviews to assure quality.  

How to Buy a Fedora Hat Online

With the rise of online shops, your access to fedora hats of brands all over the world is now so much easier. 

Shopping online gives you the ability to choose the perfect Fedora especially if you know what to look for in this sea of choices.

We have listed tips we deemed are helpful in choosing a Fedora in general and how you can buy a Fedora online even if it’s your first time or not:

1. Check the item’s description and reviews. When choosing an item online, it is common sense to check the item’s authenticity first. It’s not enough to check for the title and picture the seller-provided before purchasing an item especially when it’s a Fedora hat. 

Check the item’s description, including how the hat is made and the materials used and the country it originated from. 

Another helpful way to know if you’re purchasing a good item is to check for reviews. Reviews with pictures of people wearing the hat they bought in the shop will help you visualize how it will look like on you.

2. Check for your hat size. If this is your first time buying a hat, one of the first things you must consider is the hat size so you don’t end up with a tightly fitting or annoyingly loose hat. 

There are plenty of hat guides you can find online to figure out your size. You can also consult a hat maker if you know one.

3. Choose a style that suits your face. The next criteria you should have on your list when it comes to hats is if it aligns with your style and suits your face shape. You might already be familiar with how different hats compliment different face shapes.

Observe your wardrobe for your outfits and make sure your Fedora will complement them.  

Check out our guide on styling a Fedora for a more thorough guide on how a Fedora will suit you.

The Perfect Type of Fedora Hat for Beginners

Buying a Fedora would seem daunting for beginners especially because it goes against the norm nowadays. 

However, when you know how to spot the perfect Fedora, you would realize how easy it is. Aside from the guide above, these criteria can also help in making any Fedora perfect for you.

  • What event you will wear your hat to. You should always keep in mind that Fedoras are a cool accessory choice depending on where you will wear them to. You might not want to wear a wool Fedora with casual wear or in the summer as it would seem out of place. Instead, you will choose a Fedora made of straw. 
  • Style. When it comes to hats, styling matters along with durability. You should check for the following to determine what style suits you:
    • Brim width – Choosing the length of your Fedora’s brim depends on your face size and shape. Just remember that you should not let the brim be wide enough that it wears you and not the other way around.
    • Colors – With fedora hats, the basics of outfit color choices still apply. Warm colors with warm and cool colors with cool. Just remember that your wardrobe needs spicing up, and the color of your Fedora should adapt to your outfit.
    • Dents and creases – Be it center or side creases, you should distinguish which suits your face more. If you’re a beginner in wearing hats, you can opt to go to a store to fit different dented Fedoras to know what looks best on you.

Now that you know the ins and outs of how and where to buy a Fedora hat, you can browse Dapperfam’s collection to start putting your knowledge to the test.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the advantage of wearing a Fedora hat? 

Fedoras, among other hats, give your overall look a surprising twist that will make people look in fascination. Among that, hats, in general, protect your eyes from harmful sun rays or your hair from air pollution.

How do I know when I can wear my Fedora hat?

You can wear your Fedora on different occasions as long as it suits your outfit and you feel like you look good. Hats are worn to boost your confidence. Just be mindful about conventions when wearing a hat such as taking it off inside houses.

Which is better, handmade or mass-produced Fedora hat? 

If you’re talking about durability, the custom-made or handmade ones are usually more preferred. But how long your hat will last still boils down to how you take care of it.

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