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What You Need to Know About Steven Land Shoes

Since the 90s, Steven Land has stirred the fashion scene with head-turning, state-of-the-art apparel and became an award-winning men’s fashion brand. 

Now more than a tie shop and design house, it offers a wide variety of sophisticated items tailored especially for gentlemen. But what caught our eye is their collection of shoes made for every occasion.

As they say, good shoes take you to great places. Read on and know more about Steven Land shoes.

You might just about have the best shoes at the tip of your fingers.

The Steven Land Origin

A hopeful immigrant from Israel, Steven Landman, moved to Brooklyn, New York in 1986 and sold ties of fresh designs for his brother at a market of different cultures. 

Eventually, he opened his own shop and haberdashery until it became a lifestyle brand offering an expanded line of ties, shoes, hats, clothes, and accessories.

One of the most recognizable in the fashion industry, Steven Land never failed to bring fresh ideas to the scene. 

In fact, the sophisticated brand made “The Big Knot” tie and was the only design house to which Swarovski entrusted their specially-made and world-renowned crystals.

Every year, they release new and outstanding clothing masterpieces and present them to renowned fashion shows in which they have been recognized as one, if not the best in the house. 

The brand believes a distinct perspective: “Tailoring is the message, the rest is only punctuation.” That is why every style they create is personal and unique, offering to express a gentleman’s image while complementing every dress code. 

They are true to their words: men stand out in the crowd and turn their heads when they wear their apparel.

The Specialty of Steven Land Shoes

When you wear a Steven Land item, everyone knows it’s Steven Land.

But to accentuate the image with perfectly designed shoes? It speaks a man’s character louder. Nothing beats a flattering choice of footwear, especially if they are unique. 

Luxuriously elegant and dapper, Steven land shoes complete the look and add a unique flair to the vibrance of the whole outfit. What a way to stand out in the crowd.

The shoes are made with the highest quality of leather and velvet intricately made by skillful in-house designers and artists. They are carefully produced for each customer, only by the best of the best makers. 

The colors flatter every choice of clothing, from plain to colorful and even iridescent styles. Patterns etched to each shoe are created with purpose and artistry—accents dabbled like a cherry on top. To add, you don’t have to worry about its durability!

They do not lose their original crispness and luster even after being used for months, even years. To your advantage, leather shoes last long and help your feet breathe in a perfectly fit material, not to mention beyond comfortable (and smells good too). It is also water-resistant and easy to clean—perfect for long walks and daily travels if you wish. 

As for their velvet variety of shoes, its elegance is beyond compare but still breathable and easy to wear. It is the perfect set for a cold-weather as it keeps your toes warm and cozy within its soft fabric.

Practicality and sophistication. This is the way Steven Land makes fashion-forward.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the price range of Steven Land shoes?

Steven Land shoes are renowned because of their unique style, quality, and durability. The shoes range from $59 to $129, with its loafers as the cheapest sets and the high-top sneakers as the most expensive. The prices are relatively similar, usually $69 or $99. At first glance, it may seem pricey, but investing in such great material should be considered. Compared to other brands, Steven Land shoes can guarantee that they offer the best quality at the best price.

What are the shoe styles available in the store?

You will never run out of choices in browsing Steven Land shoes. They offer an extensive selection of Derby, Oxford, other dress shoes, loafers, and sneakers with various materials, designs, and colors. There is a choice for every outfit, functionality, and occasion.

Derby shoes give you a polished appearance, especially in formal occasions, but with their simple design, they can also be partnered with casual outfits or any clothes of your liking. 

Oxfords, similarly, are very much reliable if there is a high level of dress code. They’re easy to fit, elegant, and perfect with suits. The brand also offers other styles of dress shoes, whether for a job interview, a party, or simply a walk in the park.

To add a dash to your everyday outfit, you could choose loafers without a doubt. They work with khakis, denim, shorts, among other items of clothing. Of course, sneakers do too, but what’s unique with Steven Land’s is that they offer even high-top leather sneakers in gorgeous colors. 

The taste in style does not falter as their sneakers’ casual look can complement even the most formal apparel. Every type of shoe gives you the character of a gentleman, that’s for sure!

Are the shoes worth buying for its price and material?

Steven Land shoes are worth an investment; that is without a doubt. The materials speak for themselves, and the price is reasonable and apt for the quality you get.
In a fast-paced environment, it is high time to buy shoes that will last a lifetime.
Steven Land shoes are made by the best hands to fit the durability and practicality amidst travel and routine without sacrificing its intricacy and sophistication. 

The brand also receives countless positive reviews from its buyers from all over the world. Their apparel is accessible on shopping sites, from their own web page to Amazon. Buying their quality-made shoes is as easy as a couple of clicks, and indeed, you won’t regret it!

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