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To get to know more about Mezlan shoes, we should look into its roots and rich history, including how this well-renowned brand started out.  In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Mezlan shoes.

History of Mezlan Shoes

Almansa, Spain is Mezlan’s home and birthplace. The town has been widely popular as the shoemaking capital of Spain. The Mezlan factory began to operate during the mid-20th century, but it goes far back when you analyze the traditions of the region. During the mid-19th century, shoes that were crafted during this era were produced for the local aristocracy. These wealthy clients helped transform the small home workshops into factories. The shoemaking industry in the town of Almansa blossomed with the help of its geographical location, the talented artisans, and the improvement of transportation in the area. The Madrid-Alicante railway passed through Almansa and that became a huge boost for the town’s commercial efforts. Growth became evident and the development through the years bolstered Almansa’s claim as the shoemaking capital of Spain.

Almansa is a very fortunate town because it is home to talented local families who were master shoemakers. They are the reason why it became the big-time players in the shoe industry. With the help of progressive mechanization processes, Almansa offered the most modern machinery during those times. This led to Almansa being the best shoe producers in the whole country of Spain.

The Mezlan Owner – Antonio Sanchez

Antonio Sanchez is the owner, president, and designer of Mezlan. A local of Almansa, Antonio grew up in a simple farming family. The vicinity of Almansa is part of the Castile-La Mancha region, where there are lots of grains, red wine grapes, and vegetable crops. Antonio experienced life on the farm but decided that it was not the path that he wanted for his life. 

In January 1985, Antonio arrived in the U.S. and toured different department stores to introduce Mezlan. He targeted famous stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale’s. During the early years of Mezlan, Antonio was the actual sales force in North America. As Antonio continued in promotions in the United States, he met an American named Catherine. They would eventually get married and combine their creative talents as they also became business partners. 

Growth of the Mezlan Brand

After establishing his footprints in the U.S., Antonio would travel back and forth to Almansa and California. He set up an office in Huntington Beach. By 1998, Mezlan was able to purchase Bacco Bucci and transformed it as the younger brother of the Mezlan brand. Bacco Bucci became the more youth-oriented style.

By 2008, Mezlan officially opened their retail division along with their website. The very first boutique was introduced in Las Vegas. It was featured in the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian and Palazzo hotels. Today, there are Mezlan stores in premier cities such as New York, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, Arlington, and San Jose. 

What Makes Mezlan Shoes Popular?

Let’s get to the shoes! So what makes Mezlan shoes popular? To start, we need to understand the quality. Mezlan shoes are made to stand the test of time. They are composed of calfskin, but if a client requested an exotic leather, that would be an option. The use of calfskin in Mezlan shoes is important because it is softer, more durable, and ages better. When it comes to comfortability, Mezlan shoes have soles injected with actual memory foam. This helps anyone to feel like walking very lightly. Anyone who wants to wear these shoes for a long period won’t be distracted by any feeling of discomfort. You won’t worry about your ankle being nipped because the lining is composed of very comfortable leather. 


Mezlan shoes are made by hand and the company utilizes the Blake Method. This method attaches the shoe sole to the upper leather part of the shoe. Artisans who use the Blake method are experts and can be classified as the most skilled ones. 

Fashion Statement

Mezlan has a wide variety of styles such as wingtip oxfords, chelsea boots, loafers, etc. There is an assortment of available colors that would fit any style. Levels of formality can also be distinguished via the different types of footwear styles offered by Mezlan. 

Price Range

Mezlan shoes are popular because of style, comfort, and tradition. With this, you can expect to spend from $300-$400. At first glance, this may seem expensive to some but come to think of it, you should also consider this as investing your money on shoes you can use for many years. The comfortability and quality of Mezlan shoes are definitely worth your money.


The Mezlan shoe brand has a very rich history and that makes it as valuable as it can be. With comfortability, quality, and style, Mezlan shoes are definitely worth the price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is Mezlan shoes made of?

Mezlan shoes are usually made of calfskin, which is softer, more durable and ages better. However, if a client would like to request an exotic leather, that can also be an option. 

 What are the different styles of Mezlan shoes?

There are many different styles of Mezlan shoes, such as wingtip oxfords, chelsea boots, loafers, and more. 

Are Mezlan shoes worth the money?

If you want to invest in high end mens dress shoes, Mezlan is one of the perfect options. These shoes are made from premium materials, good lining, cushioned foot beds, etc., and are made by skilled artisans using the Blake method. Mezlan shoes are definitely worth your money.

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