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There are many reasons why people choose to shy away from getting themselves an excellent hat to emphasize their features. Perhaps it is because of many myths that they thought about but never really dared to uncover.

Things like wearing a hat can mess with your hairstyle, or there won’t be a right fit for their hair are just two of the few myths that are proven to be untrue. In addition to those myths that we are going to debunk is the question, “does wearing a hat cause hair loss?”

The simple answer is no, but there are some reasons why you are experiencing hair loss. Curious to know what it has to do with your hat preference? Let us dismiss those myths. 

So, Does Wearing a Hat Cause Hair Loss?

There are no studies to back up the claim that hats can negatively affect your hair or its growth. In fact, there are many benefits to wearing a hat, especially if you have the right fit. 

What Is the Purpose of Wearing a Hat?

Hats serve various purposes, especially in our daily lives. The headdresses are designed to perform multiple duties, including protecting our heads from harmful ultraviolet radiation and reducing the effects of glaring sunlight on our eyes.

Are There Any Benefits in Wearing Hats?

We already know that the answer is no to the question, “does wearing a hat cause hair loss?”. The best way to understand why you should wear a hat is to analyze what you will get from doing so. After all, it’s not much fun to spend money on stuff you won’t use.

It provides enough protection from the sun. 

Science states that humans need to be exposed to sunlight for at least 30 minutes a day to gather all the vitamin D that they need. However, getting too much sunlight can cause several complications to our body, like getting skin cancer and getting blisters due to more prolonged sun exposure. 

But in getting a hat, you will be protected from the harsh rays of the sun. Hats like straw hats or fedora are excellent to wear in the summer season as these hats have a longer brim. 

You can see gondoliers in Italy wearing straw hats as they sail along the waterways of Italy. But if you are looking for someone you can relate to who is sporting a fedora hat, you can probably look at Fall Out Boy’s frontman, Patrick Stump, who wears the hat in his casual t-shirt. 

It helps with body temperature regulation. 

We all know how important it is to have the correct body temperature to carry on our daily activities. When worn right according to their purpose, hats can help improve your body temperature regulation. 

When you are cold, it is best to wear a beanie as it provides enough warmth, and it can cover your ears from the cold wind hitting your skin that can give you chills. When it is warm outside, you can never go wrong with a fedora or a straw hat. 

You can select hats for any occasion. 

Matching your clothing with the right occasion can be difficult when choosing from the many options placed before you. 

People wore hats to pick an appropriate headdress in their clothing according to their status in the past. The top hats are more formal than bowler hats, and prominent people still wear them in social gatherings. 

The hats are also suitable for any season. 

If you are venturing your cowboy side, you can go for a cowboy hat during summer. Additionally, you can also go with a boater hat in the heat because of its straw structure.

As for winter wear, you can go for flat caps or a pork pie hat with wool felt. 

Benefits aside, why do you think people are still opting for the myths of losing hair in wearing hats? Is hair loss honestly interrelated with these headdresses? 

The Real Causes of Hair Loss 

If you are still concerned about your hair falling out when you take your hat off, there are several possible explanations for why this is happening. Yes, it is still possible to lose your hair as you grow older, but there are several reasons why this is occurring at a faster rate.

Thinking about whether wearing a hat causes hair loss, genetics can also play a role in losing hair. If hair loss runs in your family and you have the condition of pattern hair loss, your hair would eventually get thin because of dihydrotestosterone or DHT. Often you may see that some men have a receding hairline at the temples. It is most likely the cause. 

You may think that wearing a hat causes hair loss, but that is mainly because hair follicles react negatively with hair chemicals that you put in your hair. 

Styling chemicals such as gels can also get the nourishment and moisture out of your hair, making it completely easy to get the strands of your hair to fall off in your hat. 

Additionally, you can also get the same effects of hair loss when you tug at your hair excessively. When your hat does not suit the shape of your head, it can pull some hair roots and block the circulation of the nutrients in your hair. A hat that fits your face and head shape right is essential to your hair, and it gives the appropriateness of your style to your outfit. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

If my hat is hurting my head, will it cause hair loss? 

If the hat is uncomfortable, you don’t have the right size of the appropriate hat for you. The hat may have been pulling your skin and hair together at the same time.

Why do I need to wear a hat? 

Wearing a hat is one of the standard accessories that can emphasize your confidence. Your hair and your face will reap the benefits as the hats cover it all for you and provide you protection from the sun. 

Does wearing a hat also contribute to hair regrowth? 

No, but it will help you cover your head from getting your scalp burnt from the sun’s rays. 

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