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In wearing men’s shoes, sneakers are not just the only shoes that men constantly wear. It would be horrible to pair them with your suit, right? But there are other types of shoes such as wingtips, brogues, and boots such as jodhpur, Chelsea, and even chukka boots that you can add to your closet and wear any time of the day.  

Of course, having the right shoes to pair with your legendary suit is essential. Maybe having the right hat to match it all off can go and attract all of the ladies’ attention, but before we get too far in planning your perfect evening, knowing what wingtip shoes and brogues are can give you a boost in preparation. 

What You Need To Know About Brogues 

Perhaps you have heard the term “broguing” before. It has been popular with men in the regions of the United Kingdom with an Irish accent. The term brogue pertains to the dress shoe that has an ornament with pinking and heavy perforations. 

Brogue shoes can often be associated with Oxford shoes, Derby, whole cut, or Budapester shoes. Even though Oxford is closely related to brogue shoes, people often misunderstand the difference. 

When we say Oxford, it is usually known for its lacing. In brogues, the lacing is attached to the vamp. The oxford shoes have a tight lacing, while derby shoes have open lacing. 

Brogues weigh heavier because they are composed of thick leather. The shoes incorporate the shoes with a specific holes pattern in the leather surface of the shoe. 

The working class in Scotland enjoyed using the brogues shoes when they were working or going outdoors. It is waterproof, and the reason it has perforations is that if ever the water got inside the boots, the perforations can help with the draining process.

As stated before, the shoes are heavy, and the boots were not considered a good fit for business and social gatherings. But now, you can see that many people are wearing different kinds of brogue shoes and hats and suits.  

The Family of Brogue Shoes

Because brogue shoes have a specific pattern of perforations in the leather, it expanded through time, and the design of the shoes have different approaches now. 

Several popular brogues are quarter brogues, semi-brogues, full brogues, or longwing brogues. 

Quarter Brogues

You may notice that this shoe is an oxford-type, but the toe cap and seams are brogued with elaborate holes. 

Compared to the oxford shoes, this shoe is only one of the next best things to wear. The oxford shoes are better to wear in a formal event than quarter brogues. 


Semi-brogues are close to wearing a quarter brogue. The seams have a brogue with a medallion located on the toe cap rather than the wingtip ones. 

Full Brogues or Wingtips 

You probably have heard about the full brogue shoes in its other name, the wingtip shoes. This type of shoe is a very casual shoe that extends to the back of the shoe. It has a full coverage of the brogues, and the cap has a letter ‘W’ or ‘M’ type of tips or wings that meet on the toe cap.  

The wingtip shoes are suitable for the use of casual gatherings rather than the quarter brogues. 

Another variation of wingtips is spectator shoes that have a contrasting color on the lace or the body of the shoes. 

Longwing Brogues

Longwing Brogues, on the other hand, have a more extended wing rather than the wingtip shoes. The wings on the front still have the perforation found on the toe cap. But, on longwing brogues, the wings of this footwear extend to the back of the heel.

You can wear longwing tips in all seasons, whether you’re going for a more casual tone or a formal one. 

Characteristics and Styles of Brogue Shoes

When it comes to brogue shoes, they are known for their versatility. The shoes have different features, such as the shapes and styles for each. But you may often see the following in every brogues shoe. 

Brogue shoes have low heels and have a tight lacing on the eyelets with the leather exterior. Usually, the shoes have a toe cap and heel cap, and there are decorative perforations that are a must feature in distinguishing a brogue apart from the Oxford one. 

How to Wear Brogue Shoes 

Brogue shoes with the country clothing style are the best type of outfit in this type of shoes. These shoes are versatile for working in the fields and swamps, so they are not classified as formal shoes. 

Yet there is not much of a problem in these times. You can still have a cool and fashionable figure, whether you are going for your date in your denim or a suit. 

The suits can still give you a classy look with the outfit, even if you don’t feel like wearing any socks. Aside from that, you can pair them with your chinos or shorts.

But frequently, it looks better when you’re sporting a blazer with wingtip shoes. The shoes give you a semi-formal look, you’re not going for a too formal outfit, and it’s not too casual. 

What Is the Right Dress Code for Brogues and Wingtip Shoes?

The way you dress and pair your shoes with your clothes affects your overall appearance. Here are some suitable work suits you can go for to achieve a better pairing of your brogue shoes. 

Brogue shoes and work suits 

Work suits with light-colored brogue shoes and a sock give you a semi-formal style that is just the right amount of formality for your work. 

Formal suits

In formal suits, you can pair them with lesser brogues like quarter or semi-brogue shoes. You can also wear a fedora to accentuate your style further. 

Casual suits 

In casual, you have the freedom to choose whatever the broguing style. You can select the wingtip or spectator kind in your suit.  

Blazer and jeans

Suede color and semi brogue, nothing can go wrong with that when you pair it with your blazer and jeans. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are wingtips and brogue shoes different? 

No. wingtips, are under the category of brogues. Wingtips are usually known as fully-brogue shoes. 

Are brogue shoes seasonal shoes? 

No, you can wear them in any season you like as long as you are comfortable. Moreover, you can pair the shoes with denim or shorts. 

Are brogue shoes fully water-resistant?

Most brogue shoes are going for the waterproof type. You don’t have to worry about the water damaging your shoes because if you have the best leather quality in your brogue shoes, the water can’t immediately get in your shoes. 

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