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The modern corporate environment is thriving with new trends that you can wear every day while still visually appealing. For example, the clothes you wear, such as a blue suit brown shoes (one of many possible combinations), can represent how you aim to present your sense of style, professionalism, and personality.

However, picking the right suit to wear can be tricky most of the time. The options can be overwhelming now because it’s no longer narrowed to the classic formal outfits with classy dress shoes such as brogues and oxfords. Moreover, you also have to consider the right shoe color to pair it with and how it compliments you. 

The combination of blue suits and brown shoes can seem a little intimidating at first glance, but here is some information that checks out why it works well.

Brief History of Workplace Suits

Nailing the blue suit brown shoe combination demonstrates the versatility of men’s fashion trends that are becoming more detailed and diversified through time. 

Before we arrive at the suits we know of now, the Americans wore shirts and ties in their workplace in the 1950s. This is a fashionable turn from baggy sportsmen coats that seemed to be suitable for all body sizes. The business suits in America in the ’50s were using natural materials like wool and other natural fibers. 

But after several years, they thought those materials were making the suits challenging to wash, so they also incorporated synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, and even acrylic to avoid the suits from wrinkling and much lighter than the prior material. 

The black suit and tie with black oxford shoes are the primary type of clothing in the workplace with no other options available. The colors that mostly stood out back then were usually grey suits and black. At first, it worked out for the workers and work environments, but it can get old quickly, so they involved other colors in making it appropriate for different seasons, like wearing light blue, silver-grey, or cream suits during summer

But then the Italians showed them continental suits that are far better fitting than their suits. The suits have high-cut armholes with a natural shoulder shape. They have cuffed sleeves, a cutaway front, and angled pockets. Moreover, the trousers were pleated, where the Americans have baggy ones.  

They adapted this clothing style in their work setting but made several innovations in the suits. There are new types of suits such as three-button coats and double-breasted coats. Americans also changed the peaked lapels into narrower versions, but the colors are still the standardized black and grey combination. 

The men’s clothing extends their rules on choosing the shoes they can wear to different colors of their suits. The suits show how they can diversify their clothing without looking flat and typical. Moreover, it represents how they look well-dressed professionally with the new dress codes.

But as time went by, the clothing style that uses a darker tone took the business world by storm. The combination, such as navy blue suit brown shoes, looks appropriate in casual business meetings and even extends to after-work activities such as bar-hopping and going out to eat dinner with your significant other. 

Furthermore, men can also wear the pairing of the suit and the shoes on semi-casual occasions, unlike the black suit. Black suits ooze professionalism and a sharper look that would look too strict in a casual setting.  

Blue Suit Brown Shoes: Are They Great To Be Paired With Each Other?

Navy blue or any shades of blue suits have a sophisticated touch because it is closer to black suits. A pair of brown dress shoes would trump other types of shoes because it gives a nice contrast to the color coordination between the two clothing articles. 

But if you’re wondering if there is any occasion that the outfit would look good, it would look good on both formal and semi-formal occasions. 

Formal Occasions

You can wear shoes like Oxford shoes and derby shoes in the workplace setting. Oxford shoes or quarter brogue shoes are excellent choices for a sharper look. These shoes are great for formal occasions, but choosing to wear brogue shoes has a specific style suitable for your business meetings. 

But if you want to try to match it with a hat, you can choose to wear a bowler hat or a newsboy cap with the suit to express the confidence in bringing out your look that goes with a classy style. 

Semi-formal styles 

But if you’re opting to wear a blue suit with a lighter shade and brown shoes outdoors to meet with your friends and coworkers, derby shoes with a chestnut brown tone can be the subsequent choice for the semi-formal style. 

And if you don’t like to wear derby shoes, you can still choose brown loafers—the brown loafers or slip-on with tan or camel shades are excellent for casual parties and cocktail events. 

At wedding celebrations, you can wear blue suits with a fedora hat or pork pie hats to give you protection from the sun and look outstanding at the same time.


Workplace suits have their edge to look sophisticated and impressive if you have the right shoes and color to pair them with. The baggy suits are long gone, and now it is tailored to specific sizes and different colors. 

You can still enjoy the suits at outdoor events like barbeque parties if your shoes are textured and have a lighter color. To top the overall look, you can wear a hat like fedoras or pork pie hats

And if you’re still looking for the best option to wear, you can go for Italian-made shoes because they ensure the quality and durability of the shoes without compromising the style. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can you wear black shoes with blue suits? 

Blue suits are better paired with brown shoes. It provides a more extensive shoe color to choose from, and you will get a good color contrast between the suit and the shoes. 

Can you pair brown shoes with other suits?

You can pair brown shoes with other suits as well. As for the colors, you can wear black-colored trousers and several variations of colors such as blue, grey and black suits. 

Why is it essential to wear brown shoes and blue suits? 

It is essential to pair them together to achieve a clean and professional look. Blue suits can be challenging to pair with other shoes. Unless they have black and navy blue tones, your shoes should go hand-in-hand with your overall outfit without looking dull and lousy.

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