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Exotic animal leather shoes are a fashion-forward piece for stylish men. Wearing one will not only level up your outfit but will also give you a confidence boost for the entire day.  

Each pair is meticulously made by hand and intricately crafted from premium exotic animal skin. Neither comfort nor quality is compromised. In fact, these shoes are one of the most highly durable and flexible materials for footwear.

But with so many exotic animal leather shoes available, you may wonder which one you should buy.

Today we’ll discuss alligator and crocodile leather shoes and leave it up to you to decide which one is better for you. We’ll also evaluate them based on their quality, design, durability, price, and products.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is Exotic Animal Leather Shoes?

Exotic animal leather shoes are footwear made of natural leather. Because the design is extracted from nature, each skin features unique characteristics and patterns that create an intricate look. 

They are known for being heavy-duty, resistant, and ideal for walking in muddy outdoor areas. Moreover, it’s waterproof, which preserves its quality for an even longer time.

With its rise in popularity, exotic animal skin shoes now come in a variety of styles — from espadrilles, oxfords to slip-on sandals. There are even more ways for you to mix and match it with your get-up.

Although exotic animal skin footwear costs more than you usually pay for shoes, think of it as an investment. The comfort and sophisticated style that come with its top-tier quality are surely worth your every penny. 

Why Should You Buy Exotic Animal Leather Shoes?

Many people get intimidated by wearing exotic leather because they mistakenly think that the skin is sourced from wild and undomesticated animals. 

You may rest assured that all these are done ethically and responsibly. Compare this to faux leather shoes, which are mass-produced and probably created under inhumane labor conditions.  

Also, exotic skin just means any leather that is not made out of cowhide. Even the skin derived from sheep, pigs, and chicken legs may be called exotic.  

What’s the Difference Between Crocodile Leather Shoes vs. Alligator Leather Shoes?

With the long list of exotic leathers to choose from, every pair of exotic animal skin shoes are unique. We’ll focus on the top two most popular exotic animal skins used for leather shoes. 

We’ll distinguish them by design, quality, price point, and products.


Crocodile leather shoes are famous for their distinctive pores that can be seen from afar. This is because the crocodiles had sensitive hair follicles over their body when they were alive. In the tanning process, these hairs were removed, leaving visible pores on them.

They also have less visible, fewer, and narrow lines featured on the frontal paper to signify their authenticity. These scars usually come from the underbelly cuts of crocodiles.

On the other hand, alligator leather has more rounded or wide square-shaped patterns, so its features are more refined. Also, their pores are less visible compared to crocodiles’.

An easy way to distinguish alligator skin leather is by their less homogenous patterns, with few irregularities in their scales. The transition from round shapes to squares is more frequent and. 


Crocodile shoes have soft and flexible material quality since it’s extracted from the animal’s belly. It has an easier tanning process because of its mostly homogenous patterns.

Despite the comfortability of these types of shoes, they are sturdy, durable, and waterproof on the outside. 

Alligator leather shoes are more soft and flexible by a slim margin. They are also solid and sturdy but do not feel rigid and rough on the skin. 

To easily identify if a leather shoe is made of authentic alligator skin, you may fold it and check for holes. If the leather is intact and doesn’t show light cracks, then it’s authentic.


In general, both crocodile and alligator skins are used for bags, shoes, and clothing because the leather quality is flexible and perfect for tanning. All products made from this leather are sought-after and worth the buy.

For instance, the Moscato Crocodile shoes are hand-crafted and made of 100% authentic crocodile leather. It gives off a sleek and subtle look which is perfect for formal events. You may also check out the Bath Crocodile Calf Monk Strap and Prato Crocodile Oxford for more styles.

If you’re into louder and shoes that stand out by itself, alligator leather shoes may be your choice. This Antique Maple Genuine Alligator & Soft-quilted Leather Boots is a prime example of the uniqueness of this shoe type. Another exceptional shoes are the Stefano Black Genuine Alligator Shoes by Belvedere, which features a classic black edge.

Price point

Crocodile leather skin is usually sold at a similar price to alligator because they both have superior quality and durability that lasts for decades, compared to other exotic animal leather.

In some cases, however, alligator leather is more expensive because of its high demand among luxury brands and its rarity. They also have no bony plates and exhibit a smoother and softer surface, making them more valuable. 

Lastly, alligator skin leathers have a longer body that enables shoemakers to have a more consistent pattern to use in shoe production.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Are exotic skin leather shoes better than faux leather shoes?

Contrary to popular belief, wearing exotic animal skin shoes is actually more productive to the ecosystem than using faux ones. 
Synthetic leather shoes make use of harmful chemicals and plastics that are unsustainable to the environment.

2. Are they worth their price?

As we mentioned above, exotic animal skin leather shoes are durable and, if cared for, can last for decades. Add to that, they are also breathable and comfortable to your feet.
Compare it to cheap and mass-produced synthetic ones, which are prone to tearing, fading, and peeling, and you got yourself a deal. 

3. Where can I find the best deals for exotic animal skin shoes?

Because of the rarity of the market, exotic animal skin shoes are almost always difficult to search for. You’re in luck, for Dapperfam.com has a selection of the best and most stylish exotic animal skin leather shoes available.

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