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Men have always been demanded to be “confident” as a part of their masculinity — as if being insecure makes us less of a man. That’s the reason most of us are afraid to seek help to improve ourselves.

Questioning your confidence isn’t a bad thing. This comes naturally for younger men and older gentlemen who are entering midlife crisis. It only means that we want to improve our self-perception and create a better version of ourselves.

The key to looking and feeling more confident isn’t about the approval of others; it’s the deep down reassurance and understanding that we are of value and that we take great care of ourselves. 

With that said, we listed down the five ways that most alpha males follow to feel and look more confident. Read through and reach a higher self!

Develop Your Own Personality

The ultimate expression of confidence has always been carrying your own inimitable and distinct personality. It’s a clear indication that you love yourself enough that you’re unafraid to show it to everyone.

  • Sit down and list down the personality traits that you like.
  • Evaluate the positive and negative sides of each trait. 
  • Identify the activities and hobbies that you enjoy.
  • Assess certain parts of your personality that you want to improve.

It’s all up to you — Just like there are different types of hats to match your personality, such as this  Bradshaw Milan fedora straw hat for the cool and beach boy; this Harvey center dent fedora fur hat for the sleek and sophisticated kind of stud; this cubed wool hat for the nerdy and smart type.

Practice Self-Care

A man with robust health and a fit body possesses enough confidence to live actively and go through every day without anxiety.

Self-care isn’t just about appearing physically attractive or losing weight; it exhibits that you’re in control of your life.

  • Work out regularly and consult with a gym instructor if you can. Use exercise to build up your strength and endurance.
  • Eat clean and lessen your unhealthy food intake to avoid excess fat that can lead to diseases.
  • Create a grooming regime and practice it every day. This can clean up your skin, improve your hair, and enhance your overall appearance.
  • Clean your room daily and read motivational books. Taking care of your intellect and emotions is also part of self-care.

Develop these habits and practice them regularly to see concrete changes in your daily actions and outlook.

Dress in Clothes You Love

Wardrobe harmony is one of the most obvious expressions of self-confidence. Before anything else, you have to develop your own fashion sense. 

Begin by reading men’s fashion blogs or magazines, going through fashion boutiques, visiting online shops for new fashion trends, and observing the various styles of other well-dressed men.

Do not be afraid to go bold and dress up with whichever accessory and clothing that you like.

Socialize More and Surround Yourself With Great People

Anxiety, introversion, and fear are among the greatest obstructions to self-confidence.

To combat these:

  • Face your fears. Instead of avoiding parties and friend meetings, just push yourself to attend these gatherings. Although you’ll get nervous at first, you will have fun if you’re with the right people.
  • Go outside and be surrounded by people. The simple act of leaving your room can significantly boost your mental health and self-perception. It also fuels your physical energy and makes you active instead of being sedentary.
  • Don’t be afraid to go on dates. Casually dating has become highly popular, especially given the more liberated context. If you don’t want any serious commitment yet, dating can be a fun and wholesome endeavor. To find people, you might try to befriend them and talk to a lot of people. Online dating sites are also useful. 

By doing these, expect that you have to go out of your comfort zone, which is beneficial for your self-growth. 

Accept Your Imperfections

No man in this world is perfectly confident. Everyone has flaws in themselves that they feel insecure with.

The best thing you can do, sometimes, is to just embrace them and make them your personal quick. Ask yourself: Are your so-called imperfections really bad? Do they affect people? Is there something that you can appreciate from your flaw? How can you turn your imperfection into one of your total self-concepts?

Guys who are less unsure and self-conscious exude greater boldness and bravery to interact with people and carry themselves.


Now that we’ve run down the best ways to achieve confidence, you can now start your road to a better and bigger self. Remember to take it slow and steady and keep believing in yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How can I start my journey to being self-confident?

Start your self-confidence journey by taking small steps daily. These will increment as time goes by, and you will find a higher and greater version of yourself one day. Don’t expect that you can achieve results in one go. 

How to select the right fashion choices for me?

Fashion choices are first and foremost personal, and secondly about the trends. As mentioned earlier, it’s recommended that you take inspiration from the latest styles. Ultimately, there are no right fashion choices; it’s how you wear the clothes and how confident you are about them.

Where can I find affordable, high-quality, and stylish clothing online?

Clothes for confident men are difficult to find, especially online. If you want guaranteed and safe transactions of affordable and stylish clothes, you can visit Dapperfam. All of their products are curated to make you the most confident.

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